Qatar Diplomatic Crisis 2017 with Gulf Arab Countries Worsen Situations

Qatar crisis 2017 also known as Qatar diplomatic crisis has worsened relations between Qatar and 7 Arab Gulf countries in World. Countries that have cut it’s diplomatic relations with Qatar are Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Yemen, Libya, Mauritius, Maldives. Qatar is facing an allegation that it has supported terrorist activities in it’s soil. Air routes for Airlines from Qatar to travel to these countries has been closed. Also borders have been closed to prevent any one entering their countries from Qatar. With all these measures from Gulf – Arab countries, Qatar is under a very tight situation of economic crisis.

Qatar is accused of giving financial support to terrorist groups like ISIS and Al-Qaeda. Is there any connection of American President Donald Trump to problems that led to Qatar crisis. Qatar boldly protested against this allegation saying that there is no truth in it and all such things are baseless, unjustified. This issue at present in Qatar is considered to be the worst diplomatic crisis to hit Gulf Arab states in past several years. Will diplomatic actions against Qatar be solved based on peace talks by mediators is now most anticipated.

People who are on visit or working in Qatar from these 7 countries like Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Yemen, Libya, Mauritius, Maldives have been ordered to leave the country within 14 days. So Qataris will get 2 weeks time to evacuate from countries which are having diplomatic problems with Qatar crisis. And these countries have also requested their Nationals to avoid going to Qatar for any purpose.

Getting food supplies for people of Qatar is a very difficult issue at present. Around 90% of supplies to Qatar was supplied through Saudi Arabia route. When Saudi closed it’s border gates and air routes to Qatar, all food supplies also stopped.

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There is huge rush at Supermarkets by people to buy food items and stock it for future use. Qatar situation at present is like a war zone. As food production inside Qatar is very less, they have to depend on other countries. This has made things worse for them as all diplomatic connections they had with nearby Arab – Gulf countries have been cut of completely.

Qatar crisis 2017

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Many news reports are there that Iran has said that Saudi Arabia has decided to cut off diplomatic relations after Donald Trump visited Saudi Arabia. Many airlines companies in Qatar has announced that they are suspending flights to banned countries or visit to these places.

India is still connected to Qatar in a good relation and diplomatic connections between these two countries are presently without any issues. Thousands of Indians are working in Qatar. All Nationals of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Yemen, Libya, Mauritius, Maldives have been asked to leave country immediately.

Mediator talks by other countries are being done to solve issues between Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Qatar has been undergoing preparations for hosting 2022 World Cup Football event. Present diplomatic issues between Qatar and Gulf – Arab countries raises questions whether Qatar will be able to host this event or not.

Qatar Airways has stopped flights to Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Yemen, Libya, Mauritius, Maldives. All other flights from these countries to Qatar has also been prohibited. Flight tickets booked by people in advance to and from this country has been cancelled. Only people of other countries nationals who want to leave country within 14 day period are allowed to do so by connected flights to nearby locations.