PuliMurugan Thoppil Joppan review Mohanlal vs Mammootty movie rating

Malayalam Super Stars Mohanlal and Mammootty will have their latest movies released on same day in 2016. On Friday, 7 October 2016 their movies are getting released as Puja holidays release in Kerala. Are you eager to know PuliMurugan Thoppil Joppan Review from First Day First Show. Release of these films are considered as a Mohanlal vs Mammootty movie release and fans of both stars will rush to theaters.

When 2 movies of Super stars are released on same day, there will be drop in initial collection. It’s because audience will go to watch only best one of them and after knowing review of other film, they may or may not watch it. Which of these movies will makes highest box office collection. Is it Puli Murugan or Thoppil Joppan. Puli Murugan is an action adventurous film of Mohanlal which is coming after long awaiting of months. At same time Thoppil Joppan is a comedy based love story which will see Mammootty in an old style get up of Achayan.

Both of these films are expected to be good entertainers in cinema theaters during Pooja holidays. Other tamil movies releasing on Pooja holidays in 2016 at Kerala are Remo by actor Siva Karthikeyan and Devi(L) by Prabhu Deva. Malayalam movies like Kavi Udeshichathu of actor Asif Ali is also released. Mohanlal movie Oppam from Director Priyadarshan released in Onam holidays is still running successfully in theaters. Rush of audience to watch Oppam movie, reduced number of theaters for release of Mohanlal’s Puli Murugan.

Will Puli Murugan be able to win over Oppam is eagerly awaited by audience. South Indian actress Kamalinee Mukherjee is heroine of Pulimurugan with Namitha doing another glamour role. Mammootty’s Thoppil Joppan will have Mamta Mohandas, Andrea Jeremiah as heroines.

Social media is now discussing Mohanlal vs Mammootty and PuliMurugan versus Thoppil Joppan. Getting movies of both these actors getting released on same day gives another festival mood in theaters.

Both Pulimurugan and Thoppil Joppan are breaking box office collections. Success of low budget film Thoppil Joppan against Pulimurugan is awesome.

PuliMurugan Thoppil Joppan Review & Rating

Pulimurugan Review

Director Vysakh has come up with Super Star Mohanlal’s Pulimurugan which will be released on 7-10-2016. Role of actor Mohnalal in Puli Murugan is a hunter. There are many fighting scenes with real tiger and this film has been taken with lot of hard work. Action thriller Puli Murugan taken in shooting sets of real jungle, will give you right feeling. Trailer, songs of Pulimurugan movie has made records with highest number of views.

Pulimurugan Audience Responses

Fighting scenes with Tiger in this film is good. There are lot of action scenes other than with real people. These stunt scenes before interval and especially last fighting scenes with villain’s men were more interesting. it got more applaud than fights with tiger, which looked like an animated one. Yes only a few shots were of real tiger, rest were animated, distant shots. It’s a watchable one, with emotional scenes of Mohanalal getting huge applaud. Character of Lal as Balram was interesting. Other than this Suraj Venjaramoodu, Namitha scored good responses from audience.

Rating of Pulimurugan – 3.5/5

Entry scene of Mohanal is after around 30 minutes of starting of movie. First half of Puli Murugan has comedy, family scenes, sentiments, flash back scenes .etc. Second half action scenes, fight with tiger .etc are good. It has a predictable climax.

PuliMurugan Thoppil Joppan review

Peter Hein Shows How Mohanlal Jumped

Stunt Choreographer Peter Hein shared in Facebook page, a video regarding how Mohanlal had jumped by walking on trees. This was one of the best stunt scenes in Pulimurugan movie.


Trailer of Puli Murugan

Namitha Photos in Pulimurugan

Namitha does role of Juliee, old lover of Murukan (Mohanlal). There are many glamour scenes of actress Namitha as July in this film.

Kamalinee Mukherjee Photos in Pulimurugan

Mohanlal’s wife role was done by actress Kamalinee Mukherjee in role of Maina, wife of Murukan.

Actress who acted as Wife of Lal – Photos

In Pulimurugan movie we could see actresses like Kamali Mukherjee, Anjali Aneesh Upasana wearing lungi blouse or shirt. Another actress noticed by everyone who watched Pulimurugan is actress who did role of Lal’s wife. There are people asking to name of this actress, who looked beautiful in lungi blouse costume in this movie.

PuliMurugan Trolls

Pulimurugan Mohanlal troll

Thoppil Joppan Review

Mammootty’s Achayan style appearance and get up for movie Thoppil Joppan is main high light of this film. There is action, comedy and love story mixed up in Thoppil Joppan. Director Johny Antony movie Thoppil Jpooan got released on Friday, 7th October 2016.

Rating of Thoppil Joppan – 3/5

Thoppil Joppan Audience Responses

Comedy element is more in Thoppil Joppan movie. It’s a comedy – action entertainer like Mayavi, Thuruppugulan .etc. Another highlight of Thoppil Joppan film is it’s climax which cannot be guessed and it’s a superb one.

Thoppil Joppan is a Mammootty movie that can make you laugh from beginning to end. You will see an old style Mammootty in this film, who is entertaining you in every way.

Trailer of Thoppil Joppan

Thoppil Joppan Funny Trolls

Puli Murugan Vs Thoppil Joppan – Who Has Won ?

Both Pulimurugan and Thoppil Joppan got released on same day. Which is best movie as per audience reviews on FDFS. The First Day First Show of movies of Mammootty and Mohanlal have started on 7-10-16.

Verdict Puli Murugan Vs Thoppil Joppan

  • If you want to see a Mass Movie with action scenes, then choose to watch Puli Murugan, with all it’s sound, visual effects in theater. Stunt scenes are also nice.
  • Thoppil Joppan from Mammootty is a comedy entertainer that will make you laugh and enjoy.

Box office collection report of Thoppil Joppan, Puli Murugan

  • Puli Murugan Box office collection is Rs 15 crore till now. Budget for Pulimurugan is Rs.25 crore
  • Thoppil Joppan Box office collection is Rs 6 crore till now. Budget for Thoppil Joppan is Rs.5.5 crore

Considering Box office collection and profit we can say Thoppil Joppan film has already made profit within 4 days of release. Puli Murugan is a good movie and with box office collection in coming days it will make profit. Both these films are Super hit in Kerala. Mohanlal came with Action Thriller, while Mammootty came with Commedy – Love Story with Action.