Pulimurugan Malayalam Movie 3D Game App for Android iPhone Versions

Pulimurugan is new Malayalam movie of Complete Star Mohanlal. pulimurugan game downloade is released before actual release of movie as a promotion. Pulimurugan android, iPhone version games have been released by Csharks company. Puli Murugan film game featuring Mohanlal’s character fighting with Leopard has been designed for everyone to play.

On August 2016 Pulimurugan game has been officially released. (Game Trailer only released now. Awaiting Game release on 19 August 2016). Pulimurugan movie is a 25 crore budget film. Stunt direction by Hollywood’s Peter Hein is major attraction of this film. Like release of movies, game trailer of Pulimurugan 3D game was also released to crate hype. On downloading & installing Puli Murugan game you can be character Puli Murugan of Mohanlal. Have you played it yet. Pulimurugan movie is getting good reviews from audience.

Tiger of weight 300 kg fighting with Mohanlal is one of the biggest highlights of Puli Murugan. PulimuruagAn stunt scenes are prepared by Peter Hein from Hollywood. This movie is highest budget movie ever released in Mollywood with around Rs.15 crore. Director of this movie is Vysakh. Release date of Pulimurugan movie is by 7th October 2016. Puli Murukan game is made up for promotion of this Mohanlal film. Makers of this game said that they created an easy to use game. On Playing it it appeared difficult to play for some users. Some even said that it is a kids game. Shooting location of this film was at Thailand, Malaysia. Heroine of Puli Murugan movie is actress Kamalinee Mukherjee.

Other cast of Puli Murugan cinema are Namitha, Remya Nambeesan, Suraj Venjaramoodu, Ramesh Pisharody, Lal .etc.

Puli Murugan Game is involved in fighting with Puli (Leopard / Tiger) and defeating it. CSharks company whihc is behind game design of Pulimurugan said that this is not for tough game players. This game is so simple that everyone can play to win. pulimurugan game download of 3D Version will be released for Free to users.

In the movie Pulimurugan, a real tiger was used for fight with Mohanlal.Pulimurugan movie got released on 7-10-16 and is running successfully in cinema theaters.

Pulimurugan Game release will be a great event which is first one of it’s kind in Mollywood. Official Facebook page of Pulimurugan game is at https://www.facebook.com/PulimuruganGameOfficial/

Pulimurugan game download

Official release of Pulimurugan 3D Game is expected to be done soon. Beta Testing of this game is being done now. So please come back soon for more details. Meanwhile watch Trailer of Puli Murugan 3D Game.

Android Puli Murugan Game from Playstore

CSharks Playstore address – https://play.google.com/store/apps/dev?id=4861064083098926970

pulimurugan game download

iPhones Pulimurukan Game from Playstore

CSharks iTunes Appstore address – https://itunes.apple.com/us/developer/csharks-games-solutions-pvt/id400635482

Pulimurugan Game Trailer

Pulimurugan Game is from Game Developer CSharks company. Official sponsor of this game is ClubFM. More details about Malayalam movie based game Puli Murugan is available at official website of  Csharks Games and Solutions Pvt Ltd – http://csharks.com/site/games/pulimurugan/

You can keep updated with them through https://twitter.com/csharks

Audience have been awaiting for Pulimurugan release for several months. An Onam release was expected, but it’s rescheduled to October 2016 for initial release. On Friday, 7th October 2016, Pulimurugan movie got released.

Character of Mohanlal as Pulimurugan is expected to be a great memorable action role like Narasimham, Ustad .etc.