PSC minus mark Kerala psc negative marking calculation for psc exams

PSC examinations are an important stepping stone for Kerala state government jobs. Let us get to know about different rules in Kerala PSC minus mark calculation. Why is minus mark playing an important role in PSC examinations. Kerala Public service commission conducts examinations based on notifications given for selecting candidates to various job posts. Kerala psc negative marking is done for doing calculation of total marks got by a candidate for writing PSC exam.

Most exams conducted by Kerala Public service commission is based on objective question and answers through which candidates can select correct answers. There will be 4 objective choices from which a candidate can select the correct one and bubble mark it. Many candidates who do not know the right answer attempt to answer it by making a random selection from given choices.

To avoid candidates from doing random selection of objective answers in Kerala PSC examinations the PSC department has implemented PSC minus mark system. A PSC examination is done to find out the excellent candidate from a pool of job seekers. In recruitment of qualified candidates the system of PSC minus mark in Kerala Public service commission is really helpful.

For every candidate who is writing a Kerala PSC exam should know about rules of negative marks to make sure that you do not loss any marks unnecessarily. What is negative marking calculation all about and what are the things required for a PSC job applicant to know regarding it.

Knowing about negative marks is important while attending a Kerala Public service commission examination to become successful. Getting into a Kerala PSC rank list depends on negative marks.

Kerala PSC minus mark calculation

Kerala PSC is conducting objective examination for most of the notifications published. There will be 4 answer choices for each question from which correct answer has to be selected. Correct answer has to be marked as bubble. For PSC examinations there will be objective type question paper.

PSC minus mark

To win in a Kerala PSC exam you should know how to avoid getting negative marks.

For all PSC exams with total 100 marks there will be 100 questions and each question will have 1 mark. For marking wrong answer there will be 1/3 mark subtracted .ie. for 3 wrong answers 1 mark received for a correct answer will be deducted.

Negative marks will be given if a candidate bubbles 2 answers for a question. If a candidate does not mark answer for a question there will be no negative marks.