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Priyamanasam Malayalam Movie ( प्रियमानसम् ) is a new Sanskrit Movie released in India. As it is being prepared in Kerala background it is known as a malayalam movie. After seeing stills of this film all people wants to know Priyamanasam movie actress names.

The film Priya Manasam has lot of traditionally beautiful actresses dressed in regional Kerala costumes used in old generations. Mundu Blouse, Melmundu .etc. are the most commonly used dresses in the film Priya Manasam. Producer of Priya Manasam movie is Baby Mathew Somatheeram. There will be female aids to do oil massage and help in bath of Thampuratty (princess) in all Palaces. In this movie Priya Manasam we can see such scenes in which actress Rachana Narayanankutty is wearing mundu or melmundu like upper clothes.  Sanskrit film Priyamanasam was shown in IFFI film festival. It ecame a National award winning movie.

With this recognition, it became known to whole World. It is being watched by foreigners and they will understand this film with help of sub titles. Actually the cinema Priya Manasam has an important place in indian Cinema’s history. It is the Third movie to be released in Sanskrit language in India. Oil bath is an important part of the bathing session of Thampuratty’s of Kerala.  It has been done with importance in this film and has become an important highlight for beauty admirers. Cast of Priya Mansam includes Pratheesha Kaashi (heroine), Rajesh Hebbar (hero), Meera Sree Narayanan, Rachana Narayankutty.

Pratheesha Kaashi is a Kannada actress (Sandalwood) and in the Priyamanasam movie she does the role of a Kuchipudi classical dancer.

Pratheesha Kaashi Mundu Blouse (Rowka) photos from this movie looks gorgeous in these stills. Vinod Mankara is Director of this movie.  Priya Manasam will be probably be released in Hindi too, because it has lot of hindi words used in it.

Priyamanasam moie is of duratio of One and Half hours. It has beautiful songs in it. Emotions, Happiness, life of women in Kerala in old style homes in traditions .etc. are covered in this movie.

Priyamanasam movie actress photos, names

Priyamanasam movie actress

Meera SreeNarayanan Photos in Priyamanasam


Priyamanasam Rachana Narayanankutty Thampuratty Style Mundu without Blouse

Priya Manasam Movie Shooting Location

Popular Kuchipudi dancer Prateeksha Kashi has acted in this movie as heroine. Priya Manasam film is releasing with the credit as Third Sanskrit Movie in World. This is a Sanskrit movie releasing after 22 years.