Prisma app download for android mobiles & iTunes iOs prism app features

Prisma has become most wanted gadgets that can be used alongside social media. Prisma is a mobile application that is able to convert your images in phone gallery to art works or paintings. Prisma app download for android phones is now available for Apple Phone users which is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod.

Prisma has options such as Save Original Photos, Save Artworks Automatically, Enable Watermarks .etc. Prisma app developers are from Russia with Alexey Moiseenkov. Andrey Usoltsev is the Designer, Co-founder of Prisma. A mobile app which works with Artificial Intelligence was developed. If artificial intelligence is used in robots, computers they will think far better than humans. AI concept was discussed in Rajinikanth’s Enthiran (The Robot) movie with it’s advantages, disadvantages. Prisma is actually a Picture Editor which works with Art Filters, Photo Effects to create images that looks like paintings. Earlier there has been many such applications in Android, iTunes store.

Perfection of Prisma app, ability to convert your pictures into different styles makes it unique. Prisma Labs is the brain behind release of this mobile app which was created by Alexei Moiseyenkov. Prisma iOS app has been released few days back on 11 June 2016. Prisma android app , Windows app .etc. has been released. In Prisma app a technology is used where art filters draw fresh paintings of your actual image. Prisma places a layer over your image to make it look like a painting. Unique features of Prisma has made it popular. Video version of Prisma is going to be released. New feature to convert your videos into art, animations is possible in Prisma video apk. Prisma will stand out unique forever after Prisma video is viral.

prisma app download for android has power to Change your Picture like a Picasso Painting. Prisma App works on AI technology doing transformation of photos in your gallery into art.

Paintings that are of same quality like famous painters will be given as specified in themes. Most popular are art filters like Picasso, Tears, Francis Picabia (Udnie), Piet Mondrian, Boobie Burgers, Murad Osmann, Heisenberg .etc.

Prisma app works on Artificial Intelligence which gives it’s commonsense. Powerful art creation of this app gives perfection higher than humans. Use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology is secret of it’s success over similar pre-programmed apps. AI Camera used in Prisma does the magic.

Prisma Video conversion tool to look like art works is expected to come in 2 or 3 months. AI Camera in Prisma app helps you transform photographs or images into popular styles.

Prisma app download for android phones, iOs

Earlier only Prisma iOs was available for iPhone, iPad users with 8.0 version / more. Android, Windows versions was announced to be released soon. On 24th July 2016, prisma app download for android was released officially in Google play store. There are lot of similar android apps in the name of Prisma. So don’t get cheated by downloading them. Actual Prisma for android has is from developer Prisma Labs, inc.

prisma app download for android

Android version of Prisma app has been released, available to all users

Prisma apk for android can be downloaded from Google Play-store

Prisma android app is compatible with all smart phone devices running in Android Operating system of 4.1 / more.

Android Prisma app download link was send to users who have signed up for news regarding Prisma at

To Download Prisma you have to go to your App store, download it to your smartphone. After installing it you can open PRISMA app.

You can find Mobile Camera inside the app with ‘Prisma’ features around it. You can snap new photos using Prisma app. It converts existing pictures from phone gallery to different styles.

Photo editing effects that are done with this app is brilliant which amazes everyone. Official website for Prisma app is

Prisma is a Free mobile app that can be downloaded. Ad-free version of Prisma is available for a one time fees of 5$.

Prisma iOsapp for Apple / Iphones

Smart phones running in iOs versions Prisma app can be downloaded from iTunes apple store as follows

Tutorial on How to Use Prisma

Prisma is Over Capacity Error

New error is beig shown in prisma app called “Over capacity”. It happens when too many people are using Prisma right now. Servers of Prisma are over loaded which gives this error. Prisma developers said that soon this error will be fixed up.

Prisma App Themes, Styles

There are around 30 different filters from Prisma which are mentioned as follows.

  1. Femme
  2. Udnie
  3. Tears
  4. Getturban
  5. Marcus D lone
  6. Dreams
  7. Running in the ..
  8. Curtain
  9. Impression
  10. Flame Flower
  11. Mondrian
  12. Paper art
  13. Roland
  14. Red head
  15. Composition
  16. Light summer …
  17. Colored sky
  18. Roy
  19. Candy
  20. Transverse line
  21. Mosaic
  22. Heisenberg
  23. Illegal beauty
  24. Mononode
  25. Urban
  26. Tokyo
  27. Curly hair
  28. Wave
  29. Gothic

Prisma app download for android from Google play-store is in great demand. Everyone who does not have an Apple phone like iPhone or iPad is eagerly awaiting for it’s android release.

Pokemon Go was in trending charts for past few days in gaming section. Now Prisma app seems to be trending among all categories outwitting Pokemon Go.