Premi Viswanath Karuthamuthu Removed by Asianet Serial

Karuthamuthu actress removed from an Asianet serial has become viral news after she acted in another channel’s program. On 11 th December 2015, malayalam tv serial actress Premi Viswanath revealed why she was removed from the Karuthamuthu serial. The response of Premi Viswanath Karuthamuthu serial heroine has become hit among the audience of Karuthamuthu serial.

When the name Karuthamuthu is heard the first face that runs to everyone is that of Premi Vishwanath who had successfully implemented this as her own trademark of black beauty in Kerala. All of a sudden she disappeared from Karuthamuthu serial and a new Malayalam actress was replaced in her role. Why did at all happen and what was the real issues that led Premi Viswanath Karuthamuthu serial actress to be removed from that character. Did she back off from this role or was she deliberately removed from this serial. And if what are the reasons that led to removal of her from Karuthamuthu.

Actress Premi Viswanath has posted a Facebook status update regarding what are the reasons that led to her being removed from this popular Asianet tv serial. Karuthamuthu Director Praveen Kadakkavoor has come up against Premi Viswanath and says what is real problem. There was a talk around Tellywood that Premi Viswanath had deliberately moved away from Karuthamuthu serial and joined another channel. When such gossips started coming out , actress Premi viswanath decided to reveal the real truth behind it. Premi Viswanath made a Facebook status update from her official FB Profile page that she was removed from the serial Karuthamuthu by Asianet channel, Crew & Producers of this serial.

New actress who does the role of actress Premi Viswanath in Karuthamuthu serial is Rincy who acts as Karthika Balachandran. She said that for around 2 months she was not getting any work from Karuthamuthu serial. At that time she decided to do anchoring for the reality show Kuttykkalavara in Flowers tv channel.

This made Asianet and Karuthamuthu team decide to avoid her from this role in serial, because she worked with Flowers tv channel.

She informed this to Sreekandan Nair Sir of Flowers Tv Channel. And based on this Premi Viswanath was given a role in the Moonnumani serial in Flowers tv.

Karuthamuthu Actress Removed from Serial

After Premi Viswanath lost chance in Asianet serial she started off with her new role in the serial Moonumani at  Flowers tv channel.

Karuthamuthu Actress Removed


In this serial actress Premi Viswanath is doing the role of a Tamil woman and is dressed in beautiful style of kashta like traditional bhrahmin / tamil way of saree and blosue in Moonumani serial.

Premi Viswanath is doing role of Police officer in Moonumani serial. Her acting is interesting and there is huge audience for this serial in Flowers Tv.