PK Kunhalikutty MP Malappuram seat won by IUML in Kerala Bye Elections 2017

Upcoming bye elections at Vengara constituency for electing new Member of Legislative assembly (MLA) will be held on 11th October 2017. Vengara bi elections 2017 at Malappuram is a very important contest in present political scenario. Elections at Vengara is conducted for finding out new MLA for seat left vacant when PK Kunhalikutty elections won and became MP of Malappuram by contesting in E Ahamed’s seat.

From the moment counting of votes began at Malappuram district for Loksabha By elections 2017 there has been a positive trend for Indian Muslim League. IUML candidate PK Kunhalikutty is leading in all 6 constituencies out of 7 by a good margin. LDF candidate MB Faizal has given a good competition to PK Kunhalikutty in Kerala By-elections 2017 at Malappuram. PK Kunhalikutty MP will be new Member of Parliament from Kerala in place of IUML seat of E Ahamed.

Total votes won by P K Kunhalikutty (IUML) till now is 186387 votes and leading with more than 65343 votes. MB Faizal of LDF Communist party is in second position behind Kunjalikkutty. BJP candidate N Sree Prakash is in third place in this elections spoiling political dreams of BJP in upcoming Niyamsabha elections. So PK Kunhalikutty MP will be winning in Malapuram and become new Member of Parliament. PK Kunhalikutty is aged 66 years old at present.

Indian Muslim League is a supporting party of Congress lead UDF who is Opposition for ruling LDF government in Kerala. This was why Malappuram By elections was considered as an actual competition between political parties LDF and UDF. Malappuram is a strong hold of Indian Muslim League party and this was why they were very confident in bringing P K Kunhalikutty as their candidate in this bye-elections 2017.

PK Kunhalikutty has been criticized by opposing political parties by pointing out Ice cream parlor case against him. But PK Kunhalikutty was able to get a successful entry as Member of Parliament representing Malappuram district of Kerala.

PK Kunhalikutty elections results

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As counting of votes for Malappuram elections progressed on 17th April 2017, total votes received for each candidates, number of leading, trailing votes .etc. is as follows.

  • P K Kunhalikutty (IUML) – Total votes 515330 ; Leading by 171023 votes
  • MB Faizal (LDF)  – Total votes 344307
  • N Sree Prakash (BJP) (NDA) – Total votes 65675
  • NOTA votes – 4098

pk kunhalikutty elections

PK Kunhalikutty MP Profile

P K Kunhalikutty is present leader of IUML party at Kerala and is also National General Secretary of IUML in India. P K Kunhalikutty was MLA in 1982 and became Industries Minister in 1991. He became Trade Industries minister in 1995. Later in 2001 he became IT Industries Minister. In 2004 also he became IT Industries Minister. And in last Ministry of Oommen Chandy he served as IT Industries Minister from 2011 to 2016.

P K Kunhalikutty was also present MLA from Vengara constituency from Malappuram district. He resigned from position of MLA of Vengara to participate in elections for MP seat.

Official Facebook page of P K Kunhalikutty MP is

Birth place of P.K. Kunhalikutty is at Oorakam in Malappuram. Parents of P.K. Kunhalikutty are Pandikkadavath Mohammed Haji and KP Fathima Kutty.