Photo copier printer servicer jobs in Kerala

In Kerala there are lot of DTP shops and Internet cafes in every streets,  junctions. This makes photo copier printer servicer jobs very common in Kerala. Unlike other jobs we are no able to know about vacancies in local shops and offices for post of Photo copier and printer servicer’s. There are lot of service agencies located around Kerala in different parts like Trivandrum, Kollam, Kannur, Malappuram .etc. where there are lot of opportunities to get placements.

Most companies selling Photocopier machines and printers will have Service Warranty for products purchased from them. They will offer Free service to customers for clearing the complaints. So if you are looking for Photo copier printer servicer jobs it is best to try with Service outlets of big companies selling Photocopiers and Printers. Service technicians will get a fixed salary, travel allowance and commissions based on works they complete. If you have desired qualifications and experience to perform services of these equipment’s you can apply. Job advertisements are given usually in Employment opportunities or Avasarangal announced through local Malayalam, English newspapers.

Technicians with qualifications and those who have done desired certificate courses in servicing of Photo copiers,  printers are required. Job opportunities in this sector is very good as talented technicians are required by all service centers. Along with this field service technicians, Television – AC technicians are also in demand at Kerala.