Perumbavoor Jisha Case News Arrested Assam Native

Jisha Case latest news is that a person from Assam was arrested. He was taken into custody on charges of Jisha case. On Thursday, 16 June 2016 Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan informed that the arrest of Jisha case culprit Amirul Islam aged 23 (Amiyur Ul Islum) from Assam was true. More information regarding this incident will be known today itself.

Jisha case was becoming an unending one without any leads to culprit. But all of a sudden turning points took place. Whole credit goes to new investigation team under ADGP Sandhya, Kerala’s new police chief Loknath Behera. Four friends of this person was taken into custody for questioning. After getting all details from culprit he will be brought to court. Evidences received has to be confirmed with that received from Jisha’s house, dress. The whole India is waiting to know Jisha Case latest news reports. Who is the culprit who managed to escape, hide from law for more than 50 days ?

There had been lot of political controversies connected to Jisha case. Thankachan was one of the politicians who suffered most from it. Jisha case happened on 28 April 2016 and the culprit was arrested on 15 June 2016. Assam native who was the close friend of Jisha was arrested. Saliva, blood samples are sent for cross matching with the ones found from Jisha’s body. Assam man was identified by the shop owner who sold the slippers which was found near Jisha’s house.

Studio owner identified that this was the person who came with Jisha to take photo. Based on these evidences arrest was made. More news reports on the case is going from media, TV channels for past few days.

So for those who still have not heard about the fate of Jisha they have to know the entire incident from the beginning. This was familiar to Nirbhaya case that happened few months back in New Delhi.

Perumbavoor Jisha Case Latest News

Photos of Amirul Islam has been received by media after he was taken to court without hiding his face. Police decided to reveal his face as the identification parade for finding culprit was over.

Latest News on 7-5-2016, The friend of Jisha’s sister Deepa is being searched by Police in connection, he is at present missing.

This person is involved in many cases and has connection to many gangs .etc.

So Police is now investigating his connection to this case.

As the Kerala Niyamasabha elections have neared this incident of Jisha has great importance.

Perumbavoor Jisha Case

Perumbavoor Jisha Details

Perumbavoor Jisha case has become so controversial after the Police was not able to arrest anyone.

So investigation of the case was in full force for past few days, based on this the culprit was taken into custody.

Jisha Rajeshwari was an LLB student of Government Law College in Ernakulam.

Jisha’s father Pappu had left from the family and was staying at another place.

He used to see his daughters and cared for them.

After this incident he is in hospital.

On 28th April 2016 by night 8.30 pm Jisha of Perumbavur was found lying inside her house after getting abused at her house.

The place where she was staying was only of 1 room with no strong doors, in this condition anyone could forcefully enter and do the crime.

Jisha’s mother Rajeshwari has pleaded to everyone including actors like Suresh Gopi, Jayaram, Innocent and politicians like VS Achuthanadan .et.c to get justice for her daughter.

Many people including a neighbor, North Indian workers .etc. are under the scanner.

Police had released the sketch of the suspected person in Perumbavoor Jisha case and based on this investigation is proceeding.

Few months back the Soumya case happened in Kerala where Govindachami was arrested and still he is in jail.

Actor Jayaram said to media that the culprit in Jisha case should be given to the public.

This will ensure that justice can be delivered to Jisha.

The photo that was spreading in social media like Whatsapp claiming to be that of the culprit. But it was not confirmed.

Social media protests and many people are out in the streets demanding justice for Jisha and many posts are trending in social media with hashtag #JusticeforJisha

Jisha Case latest news is that the culprit is in Police custody.