Paytm toll free number in India to use Paytm without internet connection or smartphones

Can we use Paytm without internet or smart phone or mobile app. Till few days back it was only a dream idea. Now it’s realized when Paytm announced a new Toll free customer care number exclusively for doing Paytm transactions. By dialing Paytm Toll free number you will get connected to automated customer care where you can set your 4 digit pin password. This four digit PIN number should be always remembered to do transactions through this Toll free number. Paytm came into mobile e-commerce industry by offering cash back amounts on recharges and purchases done through it’s network. Paytm means Pay Through Mobile and it received great attention after demonetization of Indian currency.

Paytm has come up with this new feature to attract more customers to it’s network. Accessing Paytm without internet can be done now easily. Another advantage of this new feature of using Paytm without internet is that now you do not need any talk time balance or internet data in your phone. There is also no need for installing Paytm mobile app or you do not even need a smartphone in hand to use services of PayTm. This could be a global revolution by Paytm company. This is all part of One97 Communications Ltd venture to launch new Paytm Payments bank in India. After 21st December 2016 all existing active Paytm wallets will be converted into Paytm bank accounts.

There is time given by a notice to all Paytm wallet users to opt out of Paytm payment bank if they are not interestd before 21-12-2016. All KYC Paytm wallets will be made Paytm KYC wallet accounts and all NON-KYC wallets will be changed to Paytm Non-KYC compliant wallets. A maximum deposit up to Rs.1,00,000 can be accepted by Paytm payments bank per customer. With launch of Paytm without internet facility, the company aims to get crores of deposits within 3 years of launch.

So from December 2016 Paytm can be used by anyone to make payments from Paytm wallet even if they do not have an active internet or data connection.

Till now Paytm can be used only from smart phones by installing apps or by accessing official website online. This revolutionary step taken by Paytm will be soon followed by more companies.

Most people who heard news that Paytm can be used from any phone without internet connection was thought to be a joke or fake news. But when everyone came to know about reliability of this news they were astonished.

Now using Paytm is very easy and simple from comfort of any place. You should have mobile range in your phone to dial this toll free customer care number of Paytm 1800 1800 1234. This toll free number is going to become hit as its very simple and easy to remember.

There is not even need for storing this Paytm number because remembering toll free digits 1800 1800 1234 can be done by anyone.

Paytm toll free number to get paytm without internet

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Tutorial Video Guide on How To use Paytm without Internet connection

There has been lot of doubts by millions of Paytm users regarding How to To do Paytm transactions without Internet. Can this be done from land line phone or mobile phone only. It can be done from any registered number whether it’s land line or mobile number.

All you have to do is call Paytm toll free phone number 1800 1800 1234 and wait for instructions. You will get a call back from this toll free number asking you to set a PIN number. Once you have set a 4 digit PIN number as password code for future use, you can continue doing paytm payments. Make sure you call this toll free number from your registered phone number to enable using it.

Is this type of method safe is one main doubt asked by most people who came to know it. What will happen if your phone gets stolen and someone calls this toll free number to transfer cash from your account to another one.

Paytm Transactions can be done only be entering 4 digit PIN number. Make sure you do not save this PIN number anywhere in your mobile phone. If you store PIN number in phone itself and it gets stolen there are chances that you will be looted. In future thefts where there is no currency or physical cash burglars may be online thief’s or those who are trained to do it.