Pavada movie actress cast names Manju Warrier Heroine of Anoop Menon

Pavada is a malayalam movie of Prithviraj Sukumaran as the hero in the role of Pambu Joy. But who has the nickname of Pavada in this movie. Who are Pavada movie actress in this film. It is malayalam actor Anoop Menon who has done the role of character Pavada.

Pavada movie actress Manju Warrier role has been kept as a suspense. But there was news leaked out earlier that she was going to act in this movie. Actors in Pavada are Prithviraj, Anoop Menon and the heroine of Prithviraj is Miya. Pavada Movie Manju Warrier Pair character details was waited exciting by audience.

But it could not satisfy the audience. Actors Prithviraj, Anoop Menon role in this film was interesting as Pambu Joy and Pavada. Malayalam actress Manju Warrier is doing a guest role in the Super hit movie Pavada. Should we reveal the suspense or not. So people who have not watched this movie better not read. But the suspense spoilers have already revealed the story climax in other discussions in forums. And one thing we too thought that revealing this does not affect the movie anyway, because it is not actually related to a climax, even though it comes in end. With whom does actress Manju Warrier share the screen space.

Pavada movie actress cast

Does she act as the pair of Prithviraj Sukumaran or Anoop Menon. There was gossips that Manju warrier and Prithviraj will share screen space. In this film both of them share screen space in the last scene. But there is one more actor with them. It was Anoop Menon, who acts as the pair of Manju Warrier.

There has been people whistling and shouting when Manju Warrier came to screen, because this suspense role of Manju Warrier’s character was not appreciated by most audience.

It seemed to be an unwanted scene in the movie Pavada. Without that scene or guest appearance also this film would have been interesting. This is the main critic about the cinema Pavada.

In movie Pavada, actress Manju Warrier did not have anything much to do. It was just her guest appearance in last scenes. It was planned as a suspense in this film, like Rimi Tomy’s guest appearance in Kunji Ramayanam movie.

Actress Mnaju Warrier came as pair of Anoop Menon. She could not be said to be a heroine of this film. Miya is heroine of this film doing role of Prithviraj Sukumaran’s wife.