Zee Malayalam Channel launch date number satellite frequency availability

Zee Entertainment Enterprise Ltd is launching Zee Malayalam Channel in Kerala. Official starting and launch of Zee Malayalam in Kerala is expected to be from April 2018. More details will be updated soon after more information regarding inauguration of Zee Malayalam is available.

Zee Malayalam channel coming to Kerala is also a good news to job seekers. There will be lot of job opportunities for journalists, TV news reporters, news readers, cameraman, technicians, anchors, back office staff, accountants, receptionists .etc.

Zee company CEO had informed to media sources that they are going to start Zee Malayalam in 2018. Earlier they were planning to take over a well established Malayalam channel from Kerala. As talks regarding this did not become successful they decided to start a new Malayalam channel under the brand name of Zee channels in India. Zee Malayalam channel will be a good competitor for existing channels groups like Asianet, Surya, Flowers .etc.

To make arrival of Zee Malayalam channel into Kerala a big event and get everyone’s attention they decided to purchase satellite rights of Malayalam cinema ‘Aaadu 2’. This makes it clear that Aadu 2 premiere telecast will be done by Zee Malayalam channel.

Zee Entertainment Enterprise Ltd (ZEEL) has Tamil, Telugu, Kannada channels and this will be their first channel in Malayalam language.

Zee Malayalam Channel launch date will be announced soon. Expected to be in April 2018.

Channel number of Zee Malayalam in different Cable networks like Asianet, Kerala vision, Dish TV, Airtel TV, Sun Direct will be known soon.

Zee Malayalam Channel

Zee Malayalam Channel Satellite Frequency, Technical Info

  • Channel – Zee Malayalam
  • Satellite –
  • Frequency –
  • Symbol Rate –
  • FEC –
  • Polarization –
  • Provider Name –
  • Modulation –

Career opportunities at Zee malayalam channel is expected to be announced soon. With arrival of Zee Malayalam there will be new serials, reality shows, programs for entertaining audience. This channel will soon come with Zee Malayalam News as they have news channels in most other South Indian languages.


ePos ration card Kerala online ration shops How e-POS machines function

Kerala ration shops are becoming digital from January 2018 with online updating of Ration card purchases by card holders. A new ePos ration card Kerala is a machine used at Ration shops for selling ration products to people. Ration shop owners were criticized till now for indulging in selling of ration products like rice, sugar, kerosene illegally.

Before introducing ePos ration card machines most people who came to ration shops did not get items assigned to them. Whenever people came to ration shops they were told that there is no stock of goods or it’s sale has been over. Ration shop owners used to sell these ration products to other people who used to buy in bulk for higher prices.

Lower commission for selling ration products was said to be reason for most  shop owners indulging in such illegal activities. This was why ePos ration card machines are being introduced in Kerala to keep track on goods given to each card holder. All ration card holders details are linked to Aadhaar card number. Now only using finger print impression of Ration card holders the ration can be purchased or sold. This system was used in other Indian states successfully and Kerala government decided to introduce it as it was really difficult to control scam in ration shops (public distribution system / PDS outlets). With usage of Aadhaar linked Ration cards it will be easy to know how much ration products has been sold to a particular card holder.

This new system will prevent ration shop intermediaries from making huge profits by purchasing ration shop rice, sugar and selling it at huge price in open markets. Ration shop price was filled in branded packets and sold in markets by these intermediaries who used to give huge commissions to ration shop owners.

With introduction of ePos ration card machines in Kerala all such discrepancies will come to an end. Let us get to know how to use ePos machines (ഇ–പോസ്) in ration shops.

Ration goods are actually consumable food grains and other necessities like sugar, kerosene given to a card holder at subsidized rates by government. If all these items are delivered at ration card rates it will help in decreasing price of consumable goods. Important idea behind e-Pos machines is to make sure that all ration products are given to ration card holders using proper identification check by Aadhaar number. It helps in preventing ration supply falling into wrong hands.

How to use e-POS Ration card Kerala ഇ–പോസ്

How to use an ePos machine will be normal doubt by most Keralites who are getting ready to visit a ration shop near you after introduction of new e-POS machines (ഇ–പോസ്). Soon using ePos machines will be as simple as using an ATM card. Only difference here is that your bio-metric verification is done.

ePos ration card Kerala

  1. Ration shop owner will enter Aadhaar card number and ration card number of person who has come to purchase ration goods in e-POS mahcines.
  2. All names of family members associated with this ration card will be visible in screen of e-POS machine.
  3. Finger print verification of member who came to purchase ration will be done. Only members whose name is in this ration card can purchase ration goods and this will make Ration card Non-Transferrable. (If you want ration goods you or any other member of family whose name and aadhaar number is linked has to go)
  4. Quantity of Ration goods available, purchased .etc. has to be selected and a bill will be processed.

These are the simple steps a person has to do for buying from a Ration shop in Kerala.

Things to Carry

  • Aaadhaar card or number
  • Ration card

In Kerala e-POS machines are first brought in  to Karunagapally at Kollam district and soon it will be in entire ration PDS outlets of Kerala. Food Minister P. Thilothaman has inaugurated this scheme in Kerala which aims to use Aadhaar linked e-PoS machines whcih help in preventing fraudulent activities of ration shops.

Electronic Point of Sale (E-Pos) machines will help in implementing National Food Security Act through Public Distribution System shops /(ration shops) in Kerala. e-POS means Electronic point of sale and it is made possible by using finger print impressions mandatory / compulsory for purchasing ration. If any ration stock in a shop is found to be lesser than actual ration sold using e-Pos machines the shop owner will be responsible for it.


Aami movie cast actress Manju warrier Aami review trailer Aami stills song

Aami is a Malayalam movie of actress Manju Warrier in title role. This is a story about popular female writer Kamala Surayya alias Madhavikutty. Aami movie trailer release was done on Sunday, 7th January 2018. Among Aami movie cast the most important is actress Manju Warrier. Release date of Aami is on 10-1-2018. Manju Warrier has converted her figure into that of Kamala Surayya and after doing make up and wearing spectacles she looks really similar to this character.

Malayalam actress Manju Warrier herself announced upcoming trailer release of Aami. This is a biographical film in which Manju Warrier is doing role of real character Kamala Surayya. Director of Aami movie is Kamal and Story script is also written by him.

What is name of actresses in Aami movie getting released in Kerala during 2018. Actual release date of Aami movie will be on Wednesday, 10th January 2018. Heroine of this film is Manju Warrier who is doing title role. Aami movie cast includes Manju Warrier, Murali Gopy, Tovino Thomas, Anoop Menon.

Aami movie will have Murali Gopy as Das who is husband of Aami (Manju warrier). Other notable characters are Anoop Menon in role of character Akbar Ali and Tovino Thomas in another lead role.

Names of Malayalam actresses in Aami movie other than Manju Warrier are Jyothi Krishna and Rasna Pavithran.

Aami movie cast

Aami movie cast

  • Manju Warrier
  • Murali Gopy
  • Jyothi Krishna
  • Rasna Pavithran
  • Anoop Menon
  • Tovino Thomas

Manju Warrier’s Aami movie trailer

Aami movie stills

Aami movie review rating

Review and rating of this film ‘Aami’ will be updated soon after it’s release on 10th January 2018.