Oru Adaar Love fame actress Priya warrier eye wink in Manikya malaraya poovi song

Director Omar Lulu’s movie song Manikya malaraya poovi is now trending everywhere in social media. This Malayalam song has become so popular that it has crossed all boundaries. Vineeth Sreenivasan’s song Manikya malaraya poovi from Oru Adaar Love became viral after winking performance was made by actress Priya Prakash Warrier in it. Who is Oru adaar love movie eyes up and down actress is most asked question in search engines and social media.

All places like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter are filled with Oru Adaar Love movie Priya Warrier eye wink scenes. Priya Warrier Whatsap statuses from movie Oru Adaar Love is popularly used by lakhs of people who watched this song. Millions of views have been generated for the song “Manikya Malaraya Poovi” within few days of it’s release. Names of Sunny Leone, Deepika Padukone are succeeded by Oru Adaar Love fame actress Priya Warrier through this song in Oru Adaar love movie.

Oru adaar love movie eyes up and down actress real name is Priya Prakash Warrier. Eye winks are done by lifting of eye brows and this actress Priya Warrier had done in a remarkable way which is impossible for most people to do. Every one who watched this song has tried at least once to imitate Priya Warrier to do this eye wink. In this song Priya Warrier’s character is looking at her boyfriend (Adarsh) and expressing love to him.

This Malayalam song Manikya Malaraya Poovi also fell in controversies after some Muslim people filed a case at Hyderabad saying that it hurt religious sentiments. Director Omar Lulu said that he will not withdraw this song from movie as it is not in any way made to hurt anyone’s feelings.

Manikya Malaraya Poovi song was P.M.A Jabbar and music composition made by Thalaserry Rafeeq. Vineeth Sreenivasan sang this song. Actress Priya is now loving known as Manikya Malaraya fame actress.

Priya Warrier is a native of Poonkunnam in Thrissur district in Kerala. Name of Priya Warrier’s father is Prakash Warrier. She is studying for B.com at Vimala College in Thrissur and her principal Marriette A Therattil is also happy that she became a popular one.

Oru adaar love movie eyes up and down actress

Priya Prakash Warrier is the girl who became a World known celebrity all of a sudden. She had beaten all records of followers in Instagram. Unlike other Malayalam celebrities her eye wink performance was shared by millions of people allover World through social media. She is known as ‘eye winking girl’ and this is what we get if we look for this search term in search engine Google .etc. Many advertising companies are trying to approach Kerala actress Priya Warrier to promote their brands after she became a well known one all over World. Priya Prakash Varrier Whatsapp status after her song of Manikkya Malarayi Poovi eye wink scene became hit.

Actress Priya Warrier said that she had lifted her eye brows and closed one eyes based on demand by Director Omar Lulu for this scene in this song. Even the Director did not think that this single scene will become so viral among audience. Priya Warrier who was a supporting actress till that movie became a celebrity all of a sudden with that single eye wink scene.

Oru adaar love movie eyes up and down actress

In trailer of Oru Adaar Love there is another rocking scene of Priya Prakash Warrier using her finger and doing a smashing gun-kiss scene (flying kiss). This is now trending popular among Whatsapp statuses of Priya Warrier from this film after her eye winking performance.

This movie is based on a story that happens in school college campus. After release of this song one thing that is sure for everyone is that this film “Oru Adaar Love” will definitely be a blockbuster in box office collection. Director Omar Lulu’s earlier film Chunkzz with Honey Rose had lot of controversies that it showed only glamour elements and had many bad words used in it for making comedy.

This time Omar Lulu is coming up with Oru Adaar Love which will be a different film satisfying all kind of family, college audience. Malayalam movie ‘Queen’ by Director Dijo Jose Antony which was released few months back had been the recent campus film that is running successfully in theaters.

Priya Varrier Live video

Oru Adaar love actress Priya Varrier announced her new Facebook page and says about herself in this live video.

Priya Prakash Warrier had participated in beauty contests and had won title of Aishwarya Rani in Malayali Manka contest done by Kairali TV few months back.

In this show she had said that she believed in Paulo Coelho’s words to aim for a thing in life whole heartedly and that whole world will come to help her succeed it. This is true in case of Priya Warrier who is now well known all over the World through a single song Manikya Malaraya Poovi from Oru Adaar Love.