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Review of Director Jeethu Joseph Oozham Malayalam Movie is positive. Rating for this film is that Oozham of actor Prithviraj is watchable. Among Oozham Malayalam Movie cast actor Prithviraj is hero of Oozham movie from Director Jeethu Joseph. Last time Jeethu Joseph came with Drishyam of actor Mohanlal which was an all time Super hit film.

Oozham is an Onam release film in theaters from September 2016. Heroine of Uzham (Oozham) movie is actress Divya Pillai. Another actress Rasna Pavithran, is doing her first Malayalam cinema acting in role of Prithviraj’s sister. Oozham movie is a thriller film from Jeethu Joseph which has received overall nice responses from audience. Actor Prithviraj Sukumaran does the role of Surya. Balachandra Menon acts as his father, while Seetha does role of his mother. Neeraj Madhav does a supporting role as Prithviraj’s adopted brother role.

Other cast of Oozham movie includes Kishor Satya, Sreejith Ravi, Irshad, Rasna Pavithran, Divya Pillai. Jeethu Joseph is a Director who has great ability to prepare Suspense Thriller movies in Mollywood. In film Oozham Jeethu Joseph has tried to build up suspense to last minute of movie. It was brilliant compared to suspense like Drishyam, but cannot be compared to Drishyam in any other way. Oozham is a Watchable Nice film for Onam festival season for family and all kind of audience. Prithviraj has done a great role and everyone has done their part beautifully. Anyway this could have been made little more interesting.

Way of telling story showing Prithviraj fighting and running from beginning to second half is boring. Energy of the movie is lost when movie turns back at different scenes to past flash back.

Jeethu Joseph did not succeed in building up suspense in this film. Way of telling story in this film has spolied fun of this movie. Oozham movie discusses about a Scientist who is villain character of this movie.

Villain charcater produces medicines after releasing viruses to build his business. In this Prithviraj’s family get destroyed. Story of this film is about prithviraj taking revenge.

Oozham Malayalam Movie cast

Director – Jeethu Joseph


  • Divya Pillai
  • Seetha
  • Resna Pavithran


  • Prithviraj Sukumaran
  • Neeraj Madhav
  • Balachandra Menon
  • Kishor Satya

Actress Nima Chandran in Lady Police Role

Among cast of Oozham movie, many people inquired to know about name of actress who did role of Police woman. It is a small role with less importance among other cast. Gorgeous looks of this character in Police uniform got attention of lot of people. It’s none other than actress Nima Chandran, who acted as police woman in Oozham movie.

Photos of Nima Chandran

Oozham Police woman actress


Trailer of Oozham

Rating – for Oozham movie is 3.8/5

Oozham movie Photos

Actress Rasna Pavithran

Oozham Malayalam Movie cast 

Official Facebook profile page of Oozham movie is https://www.facebook.com/OozhamOfficial/

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