Traditional Onam celebration photos 2017 campus, offices in Kerala, nri malayalees

Onam festival is celebrated all over Kerala and abroad anywhere Keralites are staying. Onam celebration photos 2017 held at college campus, offices in Kerala is one of the most popular event.

NRI Malayalees who are located abroad at different countries also celebrate Onam festival. Posting Onam celebration posting photos in social media like Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook has become a trend among youth and old generation of Kerala.

Social media help dance Onam festival come back with all its energy and now it is an unavoidable event in hearts of all Malayalees. Try to avoid Onam celebration in traditional way considering expenses for buying flowers, traditional dresses like mundu neriyathu, set Saree are now ready to wear it at any cost for celebrating it in the most traditional way because of social media.

ThiruvOnam was celebrated in Kerala on Monday 4th September 2017 to India Onam celebration in Kerala is done at various centres under Kerala Tourism Development. This Onam celebration will continue from 3rd September to 9th September 2017.

Onam celebration photos 2017

Onam is one of the most traditional festival known as National festival of Kerala. Young generations have to understand importance of celebrating Onam and how tradition is connected to it to their ancestors. It tells story of a honest King Mahabali who lived in Kerala.

Malayalam actress onam 2017 photos

Kerala celebrity Onam celebration photos are always viral in Facebook when they share their latest pictures in official Facebook pages.

Onam celebration photos

Tamil, malayalam heroine Meena with daughter

NRI Malayalees onam celebrating outside Kerala or abroad

Video from Kerala Tourism department showing an NRI Onam

actress mini richard nri onam at california

Campus Onam celebration 2017

College onam celebration photos 2017


Celebrities and anyone who is a Malayalee from Kerala will celebrate Onam festival wherever he or she is. In 2018 Thiruvonam will be celebrated on 24th August 2018 abd in year 2019 Onam celebration will be on 11th September 2019.