Old notes exchange last date in India 31-03-2017 Old Rs.500, Rs.1000

Old notes of Rs.500, Rs.1000 exchange last date was only till 30 December 2016. After this date demonetized specialized bank notes (SBN) cannot be exchanged else where as last date has been over. Now old notes exchange date is only for Resident Indians who were not in country till 30-12-2016. Only those people except those who brought cash from countries like Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan and Bangladesh are allowed to exchange old notes before those last date of 31 March 2017. They can exchange demonetized notes only at special counters of Reserve Bank of India by submitting id proof details. For NRI (Non Resident Indians) old notes exchange last date has been extended up to 30 June 2017 (30-6-17). RBI allowed up to Rs.2000 old notes exchange from 31 December 2016 (31-12-16) at it’s various branches. Presently old demonetized notes are accepted at RBI counters in Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Nagpur.

Supreme Court asked why did Government did not allow people to exchange old notes at banks till 31st March as mentioned before. On 21 March 2017, Supreme Court verdict by chief justice of India J S Khehar asked Central Government why all categories of people are not allowed to deposit old notes till 31st March 2017. Supreme Court questioned why resident people traveling abroad, NRI’s are given special consideration.

Most other categories of people are not allowed to deposit or exchange old notes till 31st March 2017. By passing an ordinance Indian Government has done favor to one category while they could have extended this time frame to everyone. Chief Justice of India J S Khehar asked whether Government is ready to provide more time to everyone to deposit old notes. If Government has no such intention all reasons for such a decision should be informed to Court. Will there be a change in old notes exchange last date from 31st March 2017 to another date is mainly asked by all. Non Resident Indian’s (NRI) get time till 30 June 2017, Resident Indians who were on travel to other countries abroad were given time till 31st March 2017 to deposit old notes at RBI counters.

Giving false details to RBI on exchange of old notes will bring additional penalty. A special ordinance called ‘Specified Bank Notes Cessation of Liabilities Ordinance’ is passed with order of Indian President. Strict regulations have been made to make sure that no one makes use of this as an advantage to exchange old notes for some one else. Old notes in lakhs to crores are being seized by Police from various parts of country as last date for exchanging demonetized notes is nearing. Those who possess more than 10 old notes of denominations Rs.500 Rs.1000 will have to pay penalty for holding it. Through this ordinance it is illegal to posses old denomination notes after 31-3-2017 in India.  Rs. 10,000 or five times the value of old notes held, whichever is higher is to be remitted as penalty fine.

Latest News on Demonetized Old Notes Exchange Last date

30-3-2016 –  There is huge rush at RBI offices as last date for exchange and deposit of demonetized notes is nearing. This is only for resident Indian citizens who have been away on travel. Why are so many people in India who has been in this country itself, not able to exchange before last date on 30-12-2016.

Many people had hidden their few 1000, 500 notes at home and forgot about it.Many kept their notes between dress in Almirah, old book shelves .etc. Later when they recovered such demonetized notes and realized their mistake, the last date had passed making them land in to deep trouble. Now they are thinking of how to exchange or depositing it without losing money. Many people are worried that they could not exchange their hard earned money because they had forgotten or have been careless. Many people have opinion that they fell it bad that they are being treated like black money holders. Recently an old woman said that she found old notes worth Rs.45,000 at her house which she had kept with her earlier and forgot about it. Now she is not able to exchange it at RBI, because present facility for exchange is only for NRI’s.

Many people who have come to India from abroad for exchanging old notes at few counters of RBI are also facing problems. Few NRI’s who reached India to exchange old notes did not get Customs certificate mentioning amount of old notes they have brought to Inida. All of them are not allowed to exchange their old notes from Reserve Bank’s special counters in Mumbai, Delhi, Nagpur, Kolkata, Chennai.

Huge rush is seen at RBI counters because only 5 counters are available and people from nearby states are coming over to deposit old notes. Another reason for long ques is because ineligible people are standing in quee for exchanging notes, while it has been mentioned by RBI circular that this opportunity is only for NRI’s and Resident Indians who were abroad.

old notes exchange last date 24 november

Old notes exchange last date in banks and what to do after that ?

Will Central Government make any changes to old notes deposit last date in India. It is said now that old currencies can be deposited till 31 March 2017 for residents and 30th June 2017 for NRI’s. Those who plan to deposit old currency in their bank accounts have to do it at earliest without waiting for last date. After demonetization it was said that old notes exchange can be done till 31st December 2016. But, exchange of old notes to get new currencies was allowed from 10 November 2016 to 24 November 2016 only. Many people thought that they have still lot of time till 30th December 2016 and there is no need to rush to banks to exchange old cash. All of a sudden on Thursday, 24th November 2016 it was announced that this is last date of exchange of old notes through banks.

From that time depositing of old notes was allowed at banks directly till 30 December 2016. Many people were not able to deposit their old denomination notes of 500, 1000 at banks before 30-12-2016. Such people who could not do it before this time frame are now in great difficulty with depositing old notes. So what can you do if you have old currencies that you have not still exchanged from bank branches. This was one main doubt for people who have not still exchanged old notes.They have to approach RBI counters directly with necessary ID Proof.

Residents who were not in India during last date of notes exchange are allowed to do deposit of old notes till 31st March. So there is no need to panic if you possess few old notes with you and was not able to deposit it due to personal reasons. You can deposit it with RBI by 31st March 2017. Supreme Court has asked Government whether it will extend time for everyone to deposit old notes of Rs.500, Rs.1000 denominations to another date. Indian Government is also required to furnish reasons why they are not doping so when few categories like Non Resident Indian’s (NRI), Resident Indians on Travel are granted time till 30th June 2017 (30-3-17) to deposit old notes.

Even if time is granted to everyone to deposit old notes at RBI counters, it seems difficult for them. It’s because there are only a few RBI special counters in country which is accepting it right now. Only if all Indians are allowed to deposit old notes in bank branches for few more days, most problems could be solved.

Resident Indians – RBI Circular for all Eligible Resident Indians.

how to deposit old notes for residents

Resident Indians old notes exchange last date – RBI Circular

Last date for exchanging of old notes through bank branches was till 30 December 2016 (30-12-16). Earlier it was mentioned that everyone will get time till 31 March 2017 (31-3-17). This decision was suddenly changed to 30th December as last date to exchange demonetized Rs.500, Rs.1000 notes at bank branches to prevent black money exchange by people who got more time. Now last date for Resident Indians to deposit old notes in banks has expired. But every one has time to deposit old notes at Reserve Bank of India (RBI) counters till 31st march 2017. Branches of RBI at Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Nagpur have been authorized to collect old notes from public after checking ID proof documents of depositors.

Non Resident Indian’s (NRI), Resident Indians on Travel – RBI Circular for Non Resident Indians

Non Resident Indians old notes exchange last date - RBI Circular

Non Resident Indians old notes exchange last date – RBI Circular

Old notes exchange last date for Non Resident Indian’s (NRI), Resident Indians on Travel is till 30th June 2017. Only NRI’s who have declared amount of demonetized notes they are bring to India from abroad are allowed to deposit it at RBI counters. A Customs Declaration Certificate is issued from Airport to NRI’s to prevent people bringing old notes from somewhere else than in their possession.

Old 500, 1000 rupee notes worth up to a maximum of Rs.25000 per person can only be brought to India. This limit is specified as per FEMA (Foreign Exchange Management) rules under Export and Import of Currency Regulations 2015. If you are an NRI and possess Customs Declaration Certificate you can deposit old notes at RBI’s special counters.

Jawans and defense personnel who have been in duty at various border areas, forests, Siachen .etc. have been given time to deposit old notes. But there had been recently many complaints that soldiers in Jharkhand area, Siachen who were on duty were not allowed to deposit old note at RBI counters.

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  1. modi ji.. plzzz give hus one chance… allpeople r in big mess.. bcz. all people don’t have black money…

  2. Hello sir if some one have a neuro problem and forget to tell where kept that old notes and after few days that old notes get than how to exchange that notes because that person have neuro problem from last 9yrs so what to do now.

  3. In common middle class families, who live purely on monthly salary OR small business, ladies at home have habits of saving money sacrificing some of their enjoyments. This money they keep accumulated in small amounts here and there in their different bags and booties in the House. In some cases old persons OR handicapped persons ( Particularly short of vision) keep money here and there Un-monitored.
    In many such cases, it has not been possible for them to collect all 500 & 1000 Rupee note in arranged manner and deposit to BANK/ RBI within stipulated time 31st March 2017. In some cases such OLD persons have expired without proper track of accumulated 500/1000 Rupee Notes and their heirs when traced the same, it is a all over & 31st March 2017 have crossed.
    Although the total amount of money accumulated by each person in such cases are negligible but such amount is really appreciable for such families. Whereas I am not against the motive of government for going for De-monetization of 500 & 1000 Rupee Notes,I have real feeling for such genuine sufferers and could have been happy if some ways & means is formulated with some extension of Date for such cases for deposition of the 500/ 1000Notes to Banks. I have full respect for the different very positive measures being taken by Government of India for restoring Country’s economy and hoping for better economy in INDIA in the coming days.

  4. a thoughtless decisions I would say. I am NRI and I have few notes here in India. So I can not get custom clearance. I am coming to my country after one year and no choice for me to exchange those notes

  5. I was in India in 2015 exchanged money,return 2017 Jan I went Ahmedabad RBI closed people from Mumbai were there to exchange were not allowed .I stayed for few days unable to change I have returned with my money,Modi will cease the money.I did not like Banks attitude I couldn’t cash any money.India will loose a lots of tourists

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