Old notes exchange last date latest news in india old Rs. 500 1000 notes

The topic of discussions on Rs.500, Rs.100 denominations old notes exchange last date latest news in India comes to an end as Reserve Bank of India makes it clear that there will be no further exchange of demonetized notes. There was faith for most people that exchanging of old notes will be possible in near future. But recently Indian Government and RBI has clearly mentioned that there will be no exchange of old notes in 2017 or in year 2018. Supreme Court case regarding it is going on at present.

In December 2017 the Reserve Bank of India has instructed Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD) to send demonetized notes of Rs 500, Rs 1,000 denominations, 25 paise, 5 paise, 10 paise, 20 paise coins and damaged notes of total value Rs 26 crore to RBI office. There will be no exchange of these old notes or coins and Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams have to bear entire courier expenses for sending it to RBI office.

News are coming out of a possible ban of 2000 notes in India from 2018 as per SBI report. On Friday 3rd November 2017 Central Government informed Supreme court that no actions will be taken against people who filed petitions that they failed to deposit old 500 and 1000 notes. Around 14 petitioners who demanded allowing one more time to exchange scrapped notes will not be prosecuted or have to face legal proceedings for posessing demonetized notes. This is latest news for people who have been waiting for old notes exchange last date latest news in India. Most people thought that Supreme court may extend last date or give a new date for exchanging these notes.

Exchange of old notes for Indian citizens ended earlier on 30 December 2016 and for NRI abroad citizens it was 30 June 2017. There are thousands of people who genuine reasons for not being able to deposit old demonetizrd notes before last date in their bank accounts.

Old notes of Rs.500, Rs.1000 exchange last date was only till 30 December 2016. After this date demonetized specialized bank notes (SBN) cannot be exchanged else where as last date has been over.

Old notes exchange last date latest news

Latest news – Everyone has been waiting to know about Old notes exchange last date latest news in India. All hopes of people have gone in vain and all prayers for changing old notes have gone into deaf ears. There were expectations that an exchange of Rs.500, Rs.1000 will be possible. Now it is clear that there will be no exchanging of demonetized notes by RBI unless directed by Supreme Court.

old notes exchange last date latest news

Old News

22-12-2017 – What will be last date for exchange of Rs.2000 notes if it is banned in India.

3-11-2017 – Indian government informed Supreme Court that no legal actions will be taken against petitioners who possessed demonetized notes of value Rs. 500 and 1000.

17-7-2017 – On 17th July 2017, Central Government informed Supreme Court that allowing exchange of old notes now will help in deposit of black money. Government is of opinion that allowing a window for exchanging of old notes should not be allowed. As Supreme Court is given a reply by Government, we have to wait and see verdict by SC on this hearing. This reply by Indian Government is shocking to people who have been eagerly awaiting for exchanging their demonetized notes.

4-7-2017 – Supreme Court asked Center to reconsider decision on extending last date of old notes exchange in India. This is most interesting news giving relief to everybody who was not able to exchange old currencies. Soon we will get new dates from Central government for old notes exchange last date.

Supreme Court asked why did Government did not allow people to exchange old notes at banks till 31st March as mentioned before. On 21 March 2017, Supreme Court verdict by chief justice of India J S Khehar asked Central Government why all categories of people are not allowed to deposit old notes till 31st March 2017. Supreme Court questioned why resident people traveling abroad, NRI’s are given special consideration.

Giving false details to RBI on exchange of old notes will bring additional penalty. A special ordinance called ‘Specified Bank Notes Cessation of Liabilities Ordinance’ is passed with order of Indian President. Strict regulations have been made to make sure that no one makes use of this as an advantage to exchange old notes for some one else. Old notes in lakhs to crores are being seized by Police from various parts of country as last date for exchanging demonetized notes is nearing. Those who possess more than 10 old notes of denominations Rs.500 Rs.1000 will have to pay penalty for holding it. Through this ordinance it is illegal to posses old denomination notes after 31-3-2017 in India.  Rs. 10,000 or five times the value of old notes held, whichever is higher is to be remitted as penalty fine.

30-3-2016 –  There is huge rush at RBI offices as Old notes exchange last date in India is nearing. This is only for resident Indian citizens who have been away on travel. Why are so many people in India who has been in this country itself, not able to exchange before last date on 30-12-2016.

Many people had hidden their few 1000, 500 notes at home and forgot about it.Many kept their notes between dress in Almirah, old book shelves .etc. Later when they recovered such demonetized notes and realized their mistake, the last date had passed making them land in to deep trouble. Many people are worried that they could not exchange their hard earned money because they had forgotten or have been careless. Recently an old woman said that she found old notes worth Rs.45,000 at her house which she had kept with her earlier and forgot about it. Now she is not able to exchange it at RBI, because present facility for exchange is only for NRI’s.

Old 500, 1000 rupee notes worth up to a maximum of Rs.25000 per person can only be brought to India. This limit is specified as per FEMA (Foreign Exchange Management) rules under Export and Import of Currency Regulations 2015

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  1. I am Pooja Gupta. I have one 1000 ₹ note. I kept this note so safely, so that I can not spend unnecessarily and after saving 5000 I can use this hard earn money to buy Kisan Vikas Patra. Help me regarding this. How can I change this note.

  2. i have two 500 old notes which i kept in my bag, please find the way to exchange it as itbis my hard earned money

  3. My aged mother discovered old currency notes worth 11000 (500*12 + 1*1000) while cleaning her almirah. Its her hard earned money which she had kept safe and separate for bad times.a Is there a way we can exchange it now at RBI? Government should at least open another window to listen to plea of genuine people and allow exchange upto 25000??

  4. I have feu not1000 and 500 that I forget to exchange
    Is there another chance to exchange
    Plz help me

  5. Sir I have found 40000 in grandmother Almira 500 & 1000 note pls help me pls my contact 8770440148

  6. I have submitted my old notes well befor the due date in RBI Chennai.
    Till date no news from the RBI or who ever concerned. Worst part is, not possible to get in touch with the concerned to get answer for the remittance. Can anyone help me with the further course of action.
    Very pathetic state of affair.

  7. Dear,
    Today morning I hv found Rs 16500 of 500*25 & 1000*4 old Currency from My Loving Mothers clothes Box ,She expired on 18 June 2014.Can Govt/SC Understand; How we Exchange the Same.

  8. Today my mom just got 23000 rupees of 500 and 1000 old currency from her old Almirah.. please give a chance to exchange that sir please.. or we’ll lose our hard earned money😓

  9. Just found 21000 rs. of 500 nd 1000 old notes in almirah that I had forgotten.plz let me know if there is any possibility for exchange.

  10. I found 500*10 old currency. if any way to exchange my old Indian currency to new. If any choice plz inform me….plz

  11. My parents visited India in January 2016.They could not return to India till now. They kept some roopies from their last visit. Reason being, when they were in India on their last visit, they were stranded because banks were closed. They did not want to experience the same thing again. So they kept the roopies. Now the bank refuses to exchange the money. Not fair. Please help.

  12. I am a US citizen, holding Indian OCI now living in India. I found some Rs 60, 000 indian demonitised currency in my boxes in US on my recent visit. How to exchange them . I am now back in India.

  13. Hai sir,
    I have 1000×11
    This was my first salary given to my parents but unexpectedly they kept some where when they are cleaning the house they found the money could we exchange this money at RBI??
    Please help me with this

  14. Why are we begging these idiots for an extension. Isnt this our right? We should be commanding them to accept what were once, legally earned notes in our possession. How can this government or any other allow the value to diminish to zero like this? In my case as an NRI I have come out of India for a reason. These jokers should have made arrangements for the currency to be collected at the local consulate or through some bank. They find a million ways to get your money when you want to donate. Thoughtless actions…A government that takes hasty actions with no plan is worse than one that takes no actions.

  15. I hav found 500& 1000old notes in my old purse nearly 14000 I am having home loan I kindly request u to change them pls bcoz our country is a democratic for the people

  16. dear sir
    mere pass karib 17000 rs hai 500 or 1000 ke mai shadi me gaya tha mumbai meri wife nikal nahi or wah nate ghar me hi rah gaye chang ho sakte hai kisi tarh deepak malhotra moblie no 8010233227

  17. No exchange of old notes is possible now. You may be able to send it back to RBI, but you cannot ever exchange it.

  18. I have got Seven old 500 notes from my child’s Kidy bank.. Oct. 21st 2016, My Wife Delivered (2nd Son), Can i exchange those please?
    Please Please Please help Sir

  19. Mane aaj hi hamare purana ghar ka maliya saaf kiya.to vaha se 6 500 ki notes nikle.pehele to notes dekhke hosh hi ud gaye.pl modi ji isko exchange ho sake iske liye kuch kijiye na.pl ye to meri mehenat ka paisa hai.pl pl kuch kijiyena

  20. My mom in law expired on 4th September 2017 who was living with my older brother in law in Pune we were not in talking terms due to a family issues n my mom in was bed ridden but when she expired according to elders her belongings n worths were divided amongst the two sons n we found the old notes of Rr 1000 ×15 …..so l appeal to plz consider for having a last date to exchange the notes which we got .

  21. Sir I have also 500 old note I found in my pocket what I do. Please modi ji take a good decision for your citizen because almost man who has old notes is not black money.

  22. Sir I have 10,000 old rupees .Mere naani ne ye apne pass rakha tha or wah bhul gai. To ye rupees exchange kab hoga

  23. Hi i have found 1 500 rupee note in my bridal purse which is checked by me today…. Let me know how we can exchange it

  24. I have 4 500 notes in old one please make a provision for exchange of this hard earned money

  25. i have 500—14 notes found in my mother’s small purse.She expired in 2015.How to exchange these notes as it is hard earned money.

  26. Government of India should give one chance to exchange currency note up to 1 lakh rupees as many use to keep money hidden for emergency like hospital etc. At least govt should extend date till 30.06.2018

  27. Hi sir..
    I have 8000 rupess ( 2*1000+ 12*500 notes ) …I found it in suit case of mother….she passed away before the currency demonetization was announced…we now identified in her dress ..is there any chance of exchanging it .. please help me sir

  28. I have old 500 notes of 40 numbers.l was really shocked to see when I was cleaning my cupboard.In meantime I am frustrated also because it was my hard earned money…
    Plz if anyone find any solution for this plz let me know…..

  29. I have got two old 500 notes from my child’s pigy bank.. Can i exchange those please?
    Please help.

  30. NRI having OCI holding NRO account in any nationalized indian bank having KYC (passbook) should be allowed only one time, up to Rs.25000 in 500 & 1000 rupees denomination to deposit.This will reduce number of customers requesting and no chance of fraud or black market money.

  31. i have 2x 500 and 1x 1000 old note in my cloth if any chance of exchange inform me.

    v. hari krihna

  32. I also have 20 x 500Rs notes in my cupboard inside cloths so if any possibilities let me know.. so kindly do the needful if anyone ill get news regarding exchange

  33. सर मेरे पास मेरी प्रॉपर्टी का पेमेंट आया था खरीद करने वाली पार्टी और ब्रॉकर के बिच डिस्प्यूट हुवा पेमेंट मेरे घर पे रखा था उसके बाद मेरा घर बैंक ने सील कर दिया और पैसा अंदर ही रह गया तो अभी एक्सचेंज हो सकता है

  34. RONALD D,Souza NOVEMBER 20, 2017 I FOUND 3 OLD NOTES OF Rs. 1000/- in my tourist bag, now what should I do to exchange to new notes Sir, guide me.

  35. Sir I clean my almira and I see that my old 500 note is in my purse so I want to change my 500 rupee only one note I have plese help me sir

  36. I also had an 3 qty of 500Rs note my daughter had kept in her piggy bank so kindly do the needful

  37. Mere pass.500 ,1000rs ke 20,000rs hai lekin who bohut kharab hone ke Kaaran nationalise bank mei Nahi Liya gaya tha isliye nahi badalwa saka ,Lekin rbi me NRI ke note badalneke bad me lene ka sarkar ne kaha tha lekin kab honga?

  38. My father who was suffering from diabetics residing in orissa as due to his ill health i brought him to surat for better treatment as i am working at surat due to old age ie 87 year old .When he was at orissa he kept Rs 97000 of old currency at his shuet case and the key was with him.Once he discussed about it but he don’t remember the exactly how much he kept.Now a months back when he serious he asked me to bring his shuet case.When we opened the shuet case we saw old currency note of 500 & 1000 and some golden ornament on it.We were shock ed to see the huge amount of old currency note.Please help us and we appeal to honorable Court to please give a change to exchange old currency not.As my father was an government employees from Nagaland electricity board.He has earned it with great difficulties.

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