Nishal chandra, Nishal mother Speaks about Divorce from actress Kavya madhavan

Nishal Chandra Kavya divorce reasons are discussed once more by everyone after Kavya got married to actor Dileep. After recent wedding of actress Kavya Madhavan with Dileep, most Keralite’s want to know what were reasons of her first divorce. First wedding of Malayalam actress Kavya Madhavan was with Nishal Chandra. An old audio clip of phone conversation with Nishal Chandra’s mother is now viral. This audio clip was in YouTube for past many years after few days of Kavya Madhavan wedding with Nishal Chandra on 9 February 2009.  This phone conversation of Nishal’s mother with a news reporter is now heard by everyone. When this audio clip got released few years back, there was no genuineness for it.

Most people said that it is a fake one made up by some one to create gossips. Now after Kavya Madhavan and Dileep got married, everyone is sure that most of these gossips were true. This made people hear it once more and each word said by Nishal’s mother is now analyzed even by online news papers.  In this clip Nishal’s mother reveals that Kavya Madhavan made news reporters write bad news about Nishal Chandra.

Later Nishal’s family came to know it through other people. Wrong news about Nishal Chandra was given to get sympathy of people and support. Nishal’s mother also reveals that Kavya Madhavan tried to end life three days before marriage. Kavya Madhavan itself told Nishal Chandra that she did not marry him as per her wish. Nishal is working as Technical advisor in Kuwait National Bank when he married Kavya Madhavan. In phone conversation Nishal’s mother said that actor Dileep had given quotation to give harm to her son. Nishal’s mother’s revelation is very serious against Malayalam actor Dileep. Nishal’s mother also pointed out that for wedding of Kavya Madhavan only Manju Warrier and daughter Meenaskhi came.

On Kavya Madhavan’s marriage, actor Dileep was not ready to participate. He kept himself away from Kavya’s marriage with Nishal.

There were news reports earlier that Dileep was disappointed when Kavya Madhavan got married to Nishal Chandra. Based on news it was said by Dileep’ friends itself that Dileep drank too much on Kavya’s marriage day.

After that Dileep telephoned friends and said that pet bird which he was growing has flew away from him. Genuineness of this news is not known, but was published by many online newspapers.

In 11 minutes duration audio clip Nishal’s mother also strongly criticizes Malayalam actress Suja Karthika. Kavya Madhavan’s close friend is actress Suja Karthika, who is main supporter of Dileep and Kavya.

Nishal chandra Kavya divorce news

Suja Karthika is a popular supporting actress in Malayalam movies. She has acted in movies like Malayali Mamanu Vanakkam, Runway, Nadiya Kollappetta Rathri .etc.

Suja Karthika who had close friendship with Kavya Madhavan is criticized harshly by Nishal Chandra’s mother in this phone conversation.

Dileep arrest news on 10 July 2017 (10-7-2017)

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While actress attack case is going on in July 2017, actress Kavya Madhavan’s first husband is sharing his happy selfies with second wife Remya. Selfie of Nishal Chandra and wife Remya is now viral in social media. Nishal Chandra looks really happy in these photographs taken recently.

Nishal’s mother speaks about Nishal chandra Kavya divorce

This is audio conversation between Nishal Chandra’s mother and a reporter which leaked online. Based on this audio phone conversation which happened few years back, there is lot of news coming out.

In this audio clip Nishal’s mother also said that Kavya Madhavan behaved very harshly with her husband Nishal. On reaching home Kavya Madhavan asked Nishal whether he can do cooking like preparing rice. When Nishal replied that he did not know how to cook, Kavya asked why did not he learn to prepare food.

As per Nishal’s mother’s words Kavya Madhavan was determined to create problems and get separated. Also Kavya stayed only for 2-3 months in Nishal’s house. Later she went away from there and news about her breakup and problems with Nishal started coming out.

Audio clip of Kavya Madhavan’s first Mother in Law Telephone Conversation

Nishal chandra Kavya divorce

When Nishal’s mother’s phone conversation came out through this audio clip few years back, there was no genuineness to it. No one was able to confirm that this was actually voice of Nishal Chandran’s mother or not. Nishal Chandra Kavya divorce as one of the most shocking incidents that happened in Kerala. Now when Kavya Madhavan and Dileep got married after years all such gossips are being considered by people without need of any evidence.

Nishal Chandra Second Marriage, Wife Photos

After Nishal Chandra Kavya divorce he decided to get married again first. Based on this Nishal Chandra married  Remya. With recent marriage of Nishal Chandran’s first wife Kavya Madhavan, people started looking for photos of Nishal’s second wife and her name. Nishal’s second wife is Remya Nath Nishal (Remya Chandra) and they got married in 2013.

Nishal Chandra Speaks about Kavya Madhavan Divorce

After divorce Nishal chandra speaks on Kavya and reason for divorce few years back.

This was considered as just a gossip and lie by everyone who supported Kavya Madhavan and criticized Nishal. Now truth has come out showing that Nishal Chandra was right in his revelations against actress Kavya madhavan.

In his divorce petition Nishal Chandra mentioned about various problems he had to face from first wife Kavya Madhavan. Both of themn stayed together only for about 2months. Nishal Chandra complained that main hobby of Kavya Madhavan on reaching Kuwait with him was chatting. Many times Nishal saw Kavya chatting and making phone calls with Dileep.

He said that he is one of the persons with most bad luck and hoped that no person gets such a bad experience in life. Meanwhile Kavya Madhavan mentioned in her divorce petition that she is facing difficulties from her husband Nishal and his parents. Nishal divorced actress Kavya in 2011.

On 13th May 2013 Nishal Chandra second marriage was with Remya Nath and now they are living happily. At that time also Nishal was criticized by everyone saying that he lost a good life with Kavya madhavan. Now when all truth in Kavya – Dileep affair came out with their wedding, everyone is congratulating Nishal Chandra for divorcing Kavya.