Nikesh Kumar Trolls Dialogues Azhikode Candidate in Well

Kerala elections for Assemblyt constituencies will be held on 16th May 2016. As the election dates are coming up, the campaigning for getting votes by different candidates is entirely different. Some candidates make everyone laugh out by their way of requesting votes and how they show they are really good and care for voters of their constituency.

In May 2016 the Nikesh Kumar trolls are allover the social media. Nikesh Kumar the LDF candidate was the latest to come into the hands of Trolls in Kerala. For his tv program and political publicity Nikesh Kumar came to Azhikode constituency. In this area there was complaints by people that the water inside wells are containing salt presence and people are not able to use i for drinking purposes. This made Nikesh Kumar decide to visit this area and he suddenly decided to step inside the well and test the water by drinking it. He could have used the bucket and rope on top and taken the water.

Why did he step inside the well, is this how people usually take water from a well. It was just an act of becoming over smart and to get attention of media at the time of upcoming Niyamasabha elections, he decided to do this act. It seemed to be an adventure for Nikesh Kumar, but people who saw this video took it in another way.

In no time it become a comedy and people started sharing Nikesh Kumar trolls in social media and Whatsapp, Facebook is full of such funny dialogue comments.

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Funny Nikesh Kumar Trolls in Internet

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Nikesh Kumar Azhikode Well (Kinar) News Reporting

Now Nikesh Kumar photo is put with along with comedy movie dialogues and being shared by Keralite’s.

Malayali people who saw Nikesh Kumar as a talented newsreader is now making fun of him due to his stupid act, just to get attention of voters in Azhikode constituency in Kannur where he is contesting as LDF communist candidate.