narendra modi app free download for casting votes in polls on Currency ban

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi released a mobile app as continuation of his official website launched few months back. Modi app is considered as an easy way of connecting Indian citizens to Narendra Modi. On 22nd November 2016 Indian PM Modi invited everyone to download and install his app to do polling on a survey. This made everyone look for Narendra Modi app download based on directions of Prime minister.

This polls is named as Demonetisation survey which cam be done only through Modi app. It was an idea of Modi to know about response of entire Nation to his decision against black money. So if you want to answer questions asked by Narendra Modi about your opinions on demonetization, you will have to do Narendra Modi app download for from concerned platform of your operating system. Narendra Modi app is available for download and install in Android Google play store, iOS Apple Itunes store and Windows Microsoft store.

Indian Prime Minister hold credit for first Political leader to have a mobile app in his name and so it’s commonly called as Narendra Modi mobile app. Through this mobile app it is possible to read blogs written by PM, his day to day activities .etc. This is a great example from Indian Prime Minister. Usually ministers in high levels are not reachable for common man. Communicating between Indian PM and it’s citizens is possible through Modi app, which collects feeds backs, what to do details .etc. from people.

Will any more surgical strikes like demonetizing currency happen again in India is asked by everyone. Prime Minister Narendra Modi requested everyone to download Modi app and give their  opinions regarding demonetisation policy. Old Rs.500, Rs.1000 notes were withdrawn on instructions of Narendra Modi to fight against black money.

Millions of people are eagerly downloading and installing Modi app to raise their voice on demonetization. Modi’s app will have Demonetisation survey through which you can do polls and cast their votes in favour or against demonetization of notes.

Narendra modi app download

Official website of Sri Narendra Modi is which offers different ways to download Modi app in your mobiles.

In website there is a QR scan code for getting download link based on your operating system. You can also give a missed call on number 1800 20 90 920 to download this mobile app.

You can also enter your phone number to get download link send to your phone number.

It will contain an SMS asking you to download Modi app at from official website.

Windows version Narendra Modi App download from Microsoft store

Android version Narendra Modi App download from Google Play store

iOs version Narendra Modi app download from Apple Itunes store

Narendra modi app download

How can we install and start using Narendra Modi App. After you have downloaded Modi app in your phones, you have to install and open it. After that you have to signup and give all your details, phone number, email address before you can start using this app. So when you attend any survey through this app, opinions of people based on different localities of Indian states, localities can be known.

After demonetization Narendra Modi was eagerly expecting what will be opinion of real people towards such currency ban. There are new reports that people of India are suffering lot due to currency banning.

And rival political parties like Communist party, Congress is strongly criticizing Modi for bring demonetization. From such a situation actual opinion of citizens cannot be known.

This was why Narendra Modi decided to add a survey to his mobile application as “Share your opinion” regarding demonetization. Based on results of this survey Modi is expected to plan his fight for future black money surgical strikes.