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Based on complaint of Paleri Manikyam fame actress Mythili a person named Kiran Kumar was arrested by Police. As per latest news we are confirmed that it was original photos of actress Mythili which had leaked few days back. Actress Mythili filed a complaint with Police on 22-7-2017 and based on this an arrest was made on Sunday, 23 July 2017. With arrest of Production Executive Kiran Kumar we get a  better clarification on Mythili leaked photos that had shocked everyone in Mollywood.

Kiran was old lover of actress Mythili and he was from Ottappalam in Palakkad district. Videos and photos that had at present leaked were taken in year 2008 when they had friendship and relation between them. Why did Kiran Kumar leak Mythili’s photos recently after a long gap of so many years was main doubt of all. Actress Mythili did not know that Kiran had been married earlier and this led to their breakup. Now Kiran started blackmailing and threatening Kiran kiumar that he will leak photos of her with him, if she did not give him money. Mythili also complained that Kiran kumar used to come to shooting locations to blackmail her.

Kerala actress Mythili Balchandran is known to every one through her Malayalam cinema Paleri Manikyam Oru Pathirakolapathakathinte Katha (പാലേരി മാണിക്യം). In this film actor Mammootty did main role, while actress Mythili did title role of Manikyam. Recently in July 2017, there is a viral news that a video clip and photos of actress Mythili leaked online.

Actress Mythili leaked news is becoming viral all over Kerala. Many people are sharing whatsapp video and photos of actress Mythili Balachandran withoput even knowing whether it is a fake or real one. Recently name of actress Mythili was heard in connection to Dileep arrest in actress attack case. In this situation, a video clip of actress Mythili getting leaked is considered to make it more viral.

Paleri manikyam fame actress Mythili leaked photos has shocked whole Mollywood. A bedroom selfie is becoming viral recently, in which  we can see actress Mythili or a look alike of her with a male. From visual of this image, we can understand that it is an intimate picture taken inside a bedroom. Only thing that is to be cleared, is whether it is a fake photo of Malayalam actress Mythili or not.

After seeing these photos of actress Mythili, everyone is thinking that it may have been some fake ones. Response of actress Mythili is expected by all her fans. These photos could be fake ones, but it’s being shared online in social media as that of actress Mythili.

Arrest made in actress Mythili leaked photos incident

Based on complaint made by actress Mythili regarding her personal photos getting leaked, an arrest was made by police. Kiran Kumar a native of Palakkad got arrested on 23-7-2017 in this case.

Is bedroom selfie of actress Mythili Balachandran really leaked or not is most asked question by her fans. After knowing about this incident everyone is startled and not able to believe that it’s of Palerimanikyam heroine.

Asianet News – Mythili Photos Spread Case, Police Arrest Kiran Kumar

Mythili leaked photos news

Mythili Balchandran Profile, Filmography

Actress Mythili ( മൈഥിലി) is born at Pathanamthitta in Kerala. First Malayalam cinema of actress Mythili is Pachamarathanalil. She became popular as an actress after doing role of Manikyam in Malayalam cinema Paleri Manikyam Oru Pathirakolapathakathinte Katha. Actress Mythili is aged 29 years.

Later we saw actress Meenakshi in many Kerala films like Nallavan, Salt N’ Pepper, Villali Veeran, Poppins, Breaking News Live, Vedivazhipadu, Honey Bee, Mayamohini .etc. Recent movies of actress Mythili in Mollywood are  God Say, Ente Sathyanweshana Pareekshakal, Mohavalayam, Mazhaneerthullikal.