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Malayalam popular supporting actor Munshi Venu passed on 13 April 2017. Munshi Venu was aged 63 years. Venu is a renowned actor who became popular through his role in Asianet News “Munshi” show. In this program Venu became popular that he got chances in Malayalam film industry. Munishi Venu was suffering from Kidney failure and was undergoing treatment for it.

Munshi Venu passed at a hospital in Chalakkudy where was having treatment for past few days. Kerala Veteran actor Munshi Venu passed news is a sad one for Mollywood fans. Venu has acted in lot of Malayalam television programs, serials and movies in Kerala. His life is a very tragic one and even though he got chances in films he had a very poor life. Role of Munshi Venu in malayalam cinema Chotta Mumbai starring Mohanlal was one of the best ones.Even though Munishi Venu’s only had a small role in it, his dialogue “Mone Shakeela Vanno” is still famous.

In Asianet News “Munshi” show Venu did the role of Panchayat Member. He had many punch dialogues in this comedy show which did programs based on present news or happenings in Kerala. Even though Munshi Venu was a renowned actor, he was not able to make any savings for himself. He did not even have a house and lived in a lodge at Chalakkudy in Thrissur for past 10 years. When kidney diseases started Munshi Venu struggled for hospital expenses.  When saying about Munshi Venu family, he did not have any one in life. Venu was unmarried and spent his life for cinema and programs. As he did not have wife or children to support, he suffered very much when he was having health problems.

Miserable life of Munshi Venu had been earlier shown in news channels and magazine reports. Many film actors have lend support for Munshi Venue during his problems. In November 2016 malayalam actor mammootty gave financial support to actor Miunshi Venue after knowing about his situations.

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Munshi Venu passed

Munshi Venu Story by Asianet Kannadi Program

Munshi Venu is a popular actor like Sasi Kallinga who became popular with their mannerisms and without teeth.

Munshi Venu Filmography

Kerala film actor Munshi Venu profile of malayalam movies acted includes a lot. In all films Munshi Venu had done small roles but his sound and performance is amazing and memorable.

Full name is Venu Narayanan. He is a native of Thiruvananthapuram.

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