mPhone Prices – Models mPhone 11 Plus 3D 9 Plus Features

Mango phones are the latest smartphone mobiles that are released in Indian market after the release of Freedom 251 that created record of biggest online booking. mPhone Prices of various models from the Mango Phone company is updated in this article.

The latest reviews about specifications and features of the 3D version mPhones 9 Plus, 11 Plus are give importance in this guide. We also take a look at the various other models from Mango Phone Prices are most inquired at present and this is the latest trend and you will have to compare it with other phones to know which is the best mPhone model and it’s price comparison is also important. mPhone 11Plus 3D is the latest Mango Phone that was released on 29 February 2016. Let us discuss in details the Mango Phone Prices and features that make it special from other Indian smartphones. Everyone is anxious to know about the names of Mango phone models and the Prices of mPhone 11Plus 3D and various others in low price range.

Manga phone as called in Kerala is being a hit like the Apple phone. The mPhone models that are released in the market are mPhone 5S, mPhone 9 Plus 3D, mPhone 11 Plus 3D, mPhone 7 Plus, mPhone 6, mPhone 8. 21 MP Rear Camera and 8 MP Front Camera is one of the best feature of mPhone 11 Plus 3D and it has finger print security in it and 4GB RAM. M2 watch is another product from Mango phone company which is not aimed to become a competitor of Apple watch and this M2 watch is just an usual phone with lot of features like sleep monitoring, call reminder .etc. Owners of the Mango phone was taken into custody on the same day of launch and this is the greatest confusion to people regarding whether to buy this phone or not.

The idea of a making a mPhone company came to the minds of entrepreneurs in Kerala after the “Apple Phone” had become a hit. To mark the stepping of an Indian fruit “Mango” to be in the Mobile phone industry , the idea of a Mango Phone (Manga Phone, iPhone Manga) came out an thus the mPhones became a reality. The malayalam word for Manga / Mango phone is and it is the pride of Kerala.

mPhone Optional Accessories

  • Wireless Charger
  • Wireless Charging Base
  • mPhone Bluetooth
  • MPower Bank

mPhone Prices Chart based on Models

mPhone Prices - Models mPhone 11 Plus 3D 9 Plus Features

  • mPhone 11 Plus 3D Price is Rs.39999
  • mPhone 9 Plus 3D Price is Rs.34999
  • mPhone 8 Price is Rs.27999
  • mPhone 5S Price is Rs.11999
  • mPhone 7 Plus Price is Rs.22999
  • mPhone 6 Price is Rs.16999
  • M2 Watch Price is Rs.12999

Photos of various Mango Phone models are as follows,

Mphone customer care TollFree Numbers

Toll Free No of mango Phone customercare is 1800 833 8333

E mail id of mPhone support is –

Official website address of mPhone Mobiles at

mPhone Prices Chart based on Models

Most popular mPhone mobiles are mPhone 9 Plus 3D and mPhone 11 Plus 3D

mPhone 11 Plus 3D Price


  • 5.5 inch display with multi touch 5
  • 4GB RAM and 128GB ROM
  • 21 MP Rear Camera
  • 8 MP Front Camera
  • Finger print security
  • 4000mAh Battery

mPhone Launching ceremony 0 Mango Phones 2016 Launched

mPhone 9 Plus Price and Features


  • 3D technology
  • 5.5 inch touch screen
  • 4GB RAM with 64GB ROM
  • 21 MP Rear Camera
  • 8 MP Front Camera
  • 2600 mAh Battery

Other mPhone Models

  • mPhone 5s
  • mPhone 6
  • mPhone 7 Plus
  • mPhone 8

Online Shopping of MPhone Mobiles at

mPhone Accessories Prices

  • mPhone Bluetooth – MBT-S5 V4.1 – Rs.3710
  • Wireless Charging Base – MWC S2 – Rs.1425
  • Wireless Charger – MWC P20 – Rs.1390

Mango Phone Power Banks

  • MPower 10 K – Rs.3700
  • mPower HB15 – Rs.3750

MPhone Owners Arrested Mango Phone Founders in Custody

Anto Augustine and Josekutty were the founders and owners of the Mango Phone company. The news of MPhone Owners Arrested has become viral. On 29-2-2016 the launch of Mango phones was decided to be done. But few hours before that the owners were taken into custody alleging financial irregularities in transactions with Bank of Baroda.

The arrest was made on allegation that MPhone Owners have cheated by taking 2 crore loan from Bank of Baroda. The arrest was made by Kalamaserry Police station in the complaint that money was taken as loan by producing fake documents.

Later it was found that there were similar cases against the owners Anto Augustine and Josekutty. But there is no case against the genuineness of the Mango phones or such things. The present arrest in for financial cheating and not for complaints regarding the mPhones.

Mango phones prices were also great and so lot of people have been inquiring about these mphones. Later Mango Phone Founders were given in Custody for more interrogation.

There are talks that there could have been a chance for the company to take the booking amount from customers and not give the mobile phones. But this is just a rumor , there could be chances that they were really aiming for a good business of Mango phones and got stumbled and fell down due to the fake documents filed for getting bank loans from Bank of Baroda.

Any way the founders of Mango phone was taken to the launch ceremony by the Police on special request even though they were in custody before few hours of launch of the mobiles.

The new mango phones with Korean 3D technology and latest features was already popular among people and they were ready to buy it. But like Freedom 251 there were lot of confusions from the first day of launch of mPhones.