Moon Jae-in says no US war on North Korea without South Korea’s approval

Problems between United States of America and North Korea were worsening for past few months. Fear of an outbreak of war was expected at any moment till now. At this time on 17 August 2017, Moon Jae-in has come up with a response confirming that there will be no war without approval from South Korea. This declaration has a meaning of warning saying that South Korea has control over US in deciding whether a war is need or not.

So who is Moon Jae-in who says there will be no war without their confirmation. Moon Jae-in is South Korean President who is now headlines of most breaking world news after he made this announcement. President of South Korean is of opinion that he is not in support of a war in Korean Peninsula. It’s mainly because all problems of a nuclear war in North Korea will affect South Korea in one way or another.

United States of America President is Donlad Trump and North Korean President is Kim Jong-un. There had been problems between North Korea and America when Kim Jong-un mentioned that he will attack Guam. This made United States say that it would be the baddest idea of North Korea. And today US Airbase at Guam informed that they are now ready to fight North Korea.

As situations began to worsen South Korean president decided to reduce tensions between two countries by saying that there will be no war till they give permission to US. South Korea – America alliance have been there for years and they have good relations. So America will not be interested in acting against opinions of South Korea in this matter.

This is why South Korea’s president Moon Jae-in is so confident in saying that there will be no war in Korean Peninsula. On Thursday, 17 August 2017 (17-8-2017) South Korean President said that he will be sending a special envoy to North Korea for having peace talks. Mission of this envoy is to ask North Korea to stop missile and nuclear tests that it will adversely affect everyone in this continent.

south korean president moon jae-in

South Korea President Moon Jae-in


Recent talk by American President Donald Trump to attack Pyongyang which is capital city of Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea) increased problems. From Korean war that happened years ago there had been lot of destruction and South Korea is not interested in starting it all over again.

Recent decision by South Korea’s President Moona Jae-in is expected to cool of tensions between US and North Korea. It is also expected to remove any talks of a war that may happen between North Korea and America. Few days back North Korea had threatened  United states by saying that missiles will be sent to U.S. territory of Guam, and this made Trump also talk in a war language. South Korea president Moona Jae-in is now star of everyone by his recent announcement that he and his country is not interested in war to happen in Korean peninsula.