Mia Khalifa malayalam movie entry true or not News about Chunks 2 role

Is popular celebrity Mia Khalifa going to come into Malayalam film industry. Latest buzz in Mollywood was about Mia Khalifa malayalam movie entry through an upcoming movie sequel.For past few days there was news circulating that Chunkzz director Omar Lulu said that Mia Khalifa will act in second part of his Malayalam movie Chunks 2 also known as Chunkzz 2.

Earlier celebrities like Sunny Leone made entry into Bollywood and is a busy actress in Hindi, Telugu movies. Sunny Leone had recently come to Kochi for an inauguration and crowd formed at this place was amazing. When name of a celebrity like Mia Khalifa was heard in connection to a Malayalam cinema, this news became viral.

Director Omar Lulu did not say that Mia Khalifa will surely act in second part of his film Chunks (Chunkzz). He only said that he had talked with a Production house at Bollywood which said that they can try for a celebrity like Mia Khalifa. It was only a causal information and Director Omar did not ever expect that this news will get this much viral. All people of Kerala are excitedly waiting to know whether Mia Khalifa Malayalam movie acting will become real or not.

Mia Khalifa’s representative said that she is never going to make an entry into Malayalam film industry. Two years back when there was a buzz that she had interest in becoming contestant of Big Boss reality show, she had actually became angry. In Mia Khalifa’s tweet she had said that she is never stepping her foot in India.

So there are little chances that Mia Khalifa will come to acting in a Malayalam movie at Kerala which is at the corner of India when she is not at all interested in being part of a popular reality show like Big Boss.

Fake news of Mia Khalifa malayalam movie acting

Mia Khalifa is never coming to act in Malayalam movies and so it’s all clear that in Chunkzz 2 she is not gonna act. Another thing everyone should ask themselves is whether Chunkzz 2 is a high budget movie to afford a celebrity like Mia Khalifa. If it’s then why don’t Chunkzz Director Omar try for getting date of Sunny Leone.

  • Confirmed – Mia Khalifa is not coming to Kerala and this was just a fake gossip news.

Mia Khalifa malayalam movie

Mia Khalifa is from Lebanon and she was born at Beirut. This Lebanese American celebrity is now settled at USA where she entered into a controversial category of acting which continued from year 2000 to 2015. Presently she is not acting in any such films and an anchor for sports programs.