Meera Jasmine divorce Malayalam actress break up news real or not

Meera Jasmine divorce news came out in December 2016 just after wedding of Dileep, Kavya Madhavan. Mollywood is experiencing lot of divorce cases recently between actors, actress who have married.

It’s common for partners who are both from film industry or one of them is from cinema industry. Reasons that lead to break up is commonly ego between husband and wife. Decision of an actress to come back to acting has led to divorce in many cases of Malayalam actresses. It was found to be a fake gossip regarding Meera Jasmine as there is no conformation regarding it.

In case of actress Jyothirmayi her break up with husband happened after she started doing glamorous roles. Decision to come back to acting led to problems in case of many actresses like Meera Jasmine, Divya Unni, Shanthi Krishna, Amala Paul. Is Meera Jasmine divorce just a gossip news or not is unknown.

But many online news portals are reporting that Meera Jasmine is going to divorce her husband Anil John. What is reality in case of this break up between this celebrity couple. Meera Jasmine continued to act in Malayalam movies even after her marriage. There seemed to be no problem regarding her continuing acting career. So what are possible reasons for Meera Jasmine divorce with husband Anil John.

Recently Meera Jasmine came in a make over looks during an award function. It was a shocking one for Mollywood audience and everyone liked her come back in a new looks. South actress Meera Jasmine looked more slim and fair in this new looks. Actress Meera Jasmine and her husband Anil John are living separately for past six months.

And Meera Jasmine is now becoming more popular in films and doing more roles then before. This could be a sign that she is now more dedicated to acting as she has left up her mind from family life. Actresses who has god gifted talent in dance, acting could not sit without doing anything after marriage. Their fame will always call them to come back to acting career and is impossible to stop them from coming back to film industry.

Marriage date of Meera Jasmine and Anil John Titus was on 12 February 2014 (12-2-14).

Now after 2 and half years, news regarding Meera Jasmine divorce is coming out. There is no clarification to this news given by actress Meera Jasmine.

During Meera Jasmine wedding there has been lot of problems regarding registering marriage. There has been allegations that Anil Jon was married earlier and there has been many problems connected to it.

A girl with whom Anil John was to get married said that she will not allow Anil to marry Meera Jasmine. Later based on High court order Meera and Anil got married at LMS church in Palayam, Trivandrum. After marriage Meera Jasmine acted in few malayalam films like Ithinumappuram, Mazhaneerthullikal, Pathu Kalpanakal.

Real name of actress Meera Jasmine is Jasmine Mary Joseph. She was born at Thiruvalla as daughter of Joseph who  is her father and Aleyamma who is her mother.

Meera Jasmine family

Meera Jasmine is born on 15-2-1982 at Kuttapuzha in Thiruvalla as daughter of Joseph and Aleyamma. Meera Jasmine’s family is a big one and she has two sisters and two brothers.

Names of Meera Jasmine’s sisters are Jeny Susan Joseph and Jiby Sara Joseph. Her brother is George Joseph.

Meera Jasmine’s Parents are Joseph and Aleyamma Joseph.

Meera Jasmine age

Age of  Meera Jasmine is 34 years old as on date. Birth date of this actress is on 15 February 1982.

Meera Jasmine latest photos

Actress Meera Jasmine fat looking photos are now trending in social media. These photos of Meera Jasmine’s new plus size look came out after many months when she was out for a shopping at Gulf in a jewellery shop.

Meera Jasmine husband name

Name of actress Meera Jasmine’s husband is Anil John Titus. Meera Jasmine’s husband Anil John Titus is asoftware engineer at Dubai. After marriage both of them were staying at Dubai. Anil John’s native place is at Nandavanam near palayam in Thiruvananthapuram. Marriage of Meera Jasmine with Anil John was an arranged one and marriage proposal came through a matrimonial site.

Meera Jasmine divorce news – Truth ?

Meera Jasmine marriage with Anil John was on 9 February 2014 (9-2-14). Now in December 2016 there is a news coming out that Meera Jasmine is going to divorce her first husband Anil John. There is no confirmation whether it is a fake or real news.

So now next question that audience ask is whether she has plans for a second marriage. And what are reasons for split up of Meera Jasmine – Anil.

Meera Jasmine Marriage photos – Anil John

Meera Jasmine divorce

Meera Jasmine – Mandolin Rajesh Breakup

Malayalam actress Meera Jasmine had a love failure with Mandolin Rajesh few years back. Meera Jasmine has been disappointed for few months and she recovered from it after many weeks.

Wedding of South Indian actress Meera Jasmine (Jasmine Mary Joseph.) and Anil John Titus who is working as Software engineer at Dubai. The wedding was held on Wednesday 12 February 2014, even though a register marriage was done few days back on Monday 10th February.

These are a few photographs from the wedding reception that took place at the RDR Auditorium in Trivandrum (12-02-2014).

Wedding of Meera Jasmine was held at the LMS Church near Palayam in Trivandrum on Wednesday 12 February 2014. Native place of Anil John is at Nandavanam, Trivandrum and he is the son of Titus and Sugatha Kumari. Marriage reception was held at RDR auditorium in Edapazhanji. The marriage function of Meera Jasmine – Anil John Titus was held at the LMS Church near Palayam on 12 February 2014, was also attended by many personalities from film industry and politics.

Marriage Reception Photos include the attractive photo of Meera Jasmine dressed in Manthrakodi (wedding saree) is also added. Also we can see them standing in the stage and sharing wine and cutting cake starting the wedding reception.

Meera Jasmine make over

Recently actress Meera Jasmine had a make over look which astonished everyone.

After make over appearance of Meera Jasmine this divorce news of Meera Jasmine is coming out. There are douybts by lot of audience whether it is just a Whatspp social media gossip or a real one.

Ithinumappuram Movie Meera Jasmine

Ithinumappuram is a notable movie of Meera Jasmine in which she appeared in a village character who struggles in life. Meera Jasmine costume in Ithinumappuram movie is traditional lungi blouse thorthu which made her look like a realistic village woman.

In Ithinumappuram movie Meera Jasmine’s character is Rukmini Nair and actor in this film is Riyaz Khan who did role of Karthikeyan.

Meera Jasmine filmography – movies

Malayalam actress Meera Jasmine came to Mollywood through film Soothradaran of Director Lohithadas. Next malayalam cinemas like Swapnakkoodu, Gramaphone, Kasthooriman  gave Meera Jasmine a renowned place as an actress.

In Tamil movies Meera Jasmine got break through her debut film ‘Run’ as heroine of Madahvan. Later Meera Jasmine did Tamil movies like,

  • Pudhiya Geethai
  • Anjaneya
  • Aayutha Ezhuthu
  • Thirumagan
  • Nepali
  • Sivappu Mazhai
  • Inga Enna Solluthu
  • Bala

Meera Jasmine also did Telugu, Kannada movies in her career in Tollywood, Sandalwood film industries.

Telugu movies of Meera Jasmine are,

  • Ammayi Bagundi
  • Gudumba Shankar
  • Bhadra
  • Yamagola Malli Modalayindi
  • Maa Ayana Chanti Pilladi
  • Bangaru Babu
  • Moksha

Kannada movies of Meera Jasmine are,

  • Maurya
  • Arasu
  • Devaru Kotta Thangi
  • Ijjodu