Malayalam actor dileep’s daughter wears saree for first time in Onam 2017

Meenakshi Dileep is daughter of actor Dileep and his first wife Manju Warrier. Among Mollywood celebrities daughters the most popular one is actor Dileep’s daughter Meenakshi Dileep. Meenakshi Dileep saree photos are viral and trending in social media during Onam celebration 2017.

What is the reason for it. Its because Actress Manju Warrier is a very talented heroine and actor Dileep is one of the best actors in Malayalam film industry. This makes their daughter Meenakshi Dileep also a popular one and all audience expect her arrival into Malayalam cinema industry in future.

In Facebook there is a non official page in name of actor Dileep’s daughter Meenakshi Dileep. Actor Dileep had earlier mentioned that his daughter Meenakshi Dileep does not have any account in Facebook. Recently from this unofficial page in name of Meenakshi Dileep, a saree photo resembling that of her has been posted. There is no confirmation that this is original Meenakshi Dileep saree photos. But as per latest reports it is photo of Meenakshi Dileep with Director Nadirshah’s daughter Aysha.

Even though there is no clarification that this is actually photo of Meenakshi Dileep or a fake one, people are sharing it in WhatsApp, without even bothering about it.

Popular news websites in Kerala has taken up this viral image of Meenakshi Dileep saree photos and given it as news which has made it being shared by everyone.

On Tuesday 5th September 2017 actress Kavya madhavan’s brother Nithin Madhavan had posted in Facebook that their family has not celebrated Onam in 2017. Recently Mithun Madhavan mentioned that because actor Dileep who is his sister’s husband is in jail, they have decided not to celebrate Onam this year.

Meenakshi Dileep photo was shared in the sun official Facebook profile page with the caption “Me and Aysha”. We are not sure that whether this is Meenakshi Dileep or some some other girl who resembles her. It is photo of Meenakshi Dileep itself and girl along with her is Aysha who is Nadirshah’s daughter.

Few days back actress Kavya Madhavan and Dileep daughter Meenakshi Dileep visited Dileep at Aluva sub jail. After that lot of Malayalam actors from Bollywood film industry started coming to jail to see Dileep.

Manju Warrier – Dileep daughter Meenakshi Dileep saree photos

Photo of Meenakshi Dileep in yellow saree blouse is viral in social media afters she attended a wedding function in May 2018 with parents Dileep, Kavya Madhavan.

This is a photo of Meenakshi Dileep that is circulating in social media. So it is advised that no one should share it without knowing truth regarding it.

As per latest reports it is photo of Meenakshi Dileep. There had been lot of inquiries regarding who was girl in saree  blouse along with Meenakshi Dileep. Now we all know that it is Nadirshah’s daughter Aysha.

Meenakshi Dileep saree photos

Presently Meenakshi Dileep is a plus two student studying at Choice school in Ernakulam, Kerala. Photo that is being shared as Meenakshi Dileep saree photos showcases hair in a simple off white saree and red designer blouse. If this photo is true then it will be first photo of Meenakshi Dileep in saree.