Mayanti Langer Skirt Lungi Photos Star sports anchor in ICC champions trophy 2017

In India vs New Zealand recent cricket match anchor Mayantu Langer came in a blue gown which became viral. Mayanti Langer is an Indian female anchor of Star Sports channel who is now one of the most popular anchors in World. Fame of anchor Mayanti Langer increased within few hours after she anchored for ICC Champions trophy match of India Vs Pakistan on Sunday, 4 June 2017 (4/6/2017). Mayanti Langer skirt photos was of a rare type which made every one amazed and say it’s a unbelievable one. Anchor Mayanti Langer is wife of Stuart Binny (Stuart Terence Roger Binny). Stuart Binny is an Indian cricket player who has played for India in One Day Inetrnationals test matches and IPL. At present Stuart Binny is an Indian Premier League player in Royal Challengers Bangalore team.

Most people wondered whether it was a wardrobe malfunction, when Mayanti Langer dress looked like a tucked up skirt. It all happened on ICC 2017 India vs Pakistan cricket match held on 4th June. Match was interrupted many times by rain fall. Cricket fans who were anxiously waiting for match to start, were excited on seeing Mayanti Langer skirt photos in Star sports channel. Most people who saw Mayanti Langer thought that she had mistakenly tucked up her skirt without noticing it.

Soon social media sites like Twitter, Facebook were filled with funny comments, trolls, photos of Mayanti Langer  in this skirt. Many fans asked whether it was because of rain, Mayanti Langer had decided to keep one side of her skirt upwards. Some people even compared her wardrobe to be a ‘Skilungi’ dress which was a half skirt and a half lungi. It’s considered that Mayanti Langer has got highest popularity and attention in her career from this single wardrobe which is now world famous.

To tell about profile of Mayanti Langer we can say she is a popular Sports shows anchor and has special expertise in handling sports news. Mayanti Langer is presently aged 32 years old and her date of birth is 8-2-1985. As an anchor Mayanti Langer has hosted shows like 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup, 2011 Cricket World Cup, 2014 Indian Super League, 2010 Commonwealth Games, 2010 FIFA World Cup in many popular sports channels.

Mayanti Langer’s husband Stuart Binny will be now amazed at popularity of his wife in Twitter trending posts. Stuart Binny is son of old Indian cricketer Roger Binny. Mayanti Langer and Stuart Benny marriage was on 2012.

Even though she had doe so any shows in sports channels, she did not get such a popularity before. Now Mayanti Langer is not only known to cricket fans, but to whole India as she is trending among Twitter tweets and Facebook stories.

There are lot of fans for Indian sports anchor Mayanti Langer from past few years. It’s because of her glamorous appearances for hosting sports shows in channels that made her one of the favorites of cricket fans.

Star Sports Anchor Mayanti Langer skirt photos

Recently Mayanti Langer came wearing blue dress for India vs New zealand cricket match.

Mayanti Langer skirt photos

Malayalam troll against Mayanti Langer who wore a dress that looked like pulled upwards like a dhoti or lungi.

Mayanti Langer Family

Stuart Beny is husband of anchor Mayanti Langer.

Comments and posts about Mayanti Langer dress is what we can see in all discussions about ICC Champions trophy 2017 match of India vs Pakistan. In India vs Pak match, India won against Pakistan by 124 runs. In this match toss was won by Pakistan who decided to bowl first. India scored 319 runs in 48 overs by losing 3 wickets.

Due to rain number of overs was decreased. Man of the match was Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh. Pakistan who went to batting could make only 164 runs in 33.4 overs losing 9 wickets.

After ICC Champions Trophy match of India vs Pakistan, every one was eager to know who is the viral Star Sports anchor. What has made her so much popular among other female anchors in India. Name of Star sports anchor Mayanti Langer is seen in all trending stories in Twitter tweets and Face Book.

Soon funny trolls and photos Mayanti Langer started being shared in Twitter, FB and Whatsapp. No one could stop laughing on seeing Mayanti Langer being trolled for her skirt like dress.

So what had she done to maker her so controversially popular in India. there are two factors that has made Mayanti Langer become famous. One is rain that fell during India vs Pakistan cricket match in ICC Champions Trophy. Another one was skirt plus lungi stye dress used by Mayanti Langer. People who were disappointed by rain that fell during India vs Pakistan match started noticing glamourous look of Mayanti Langer.

Star sports anchors Mayanti Langer was hosting a show about ICC India vs Pakistan match on Sunday, 4th June 2017.

Every one started commenting about funny looking dress that was used by Mayanti Langer in thisStar sports channel program on 4-6-2017 during India Pakistan cricket match.

Mayanti Langer was compared to an anchor of a paddy farm where women were busy working. Some people even photo-shopped her skirt to a lungi / dhothi.

Mayanti Langer is wife of an Indian cricket player Stuart Binny. Mayanti Langer’s husband Stuart Binny is currently playing for Royal Challengers Bangalore team in Indian Premium League match.