Maru thurakkal samaram Diya Sana farook college vathakka response

According to Islamic tradition Muslim women should wear hijab like dress called Makkana or Muftah. It is popularly used traditional wear in Malabar areas like Kozhikode, Kannur, Malappuram in Kerala. A speech given by Kozhikode Farook college professor regarding present dress code of Muslim students in Farook Training college had become controversial. This started beginning of Maru thurakkal samaram which is getting popular with hashtag campaigns supporting it.

This controversial speech was given by Professor Jauhar Munnavir of Farook college in Calicut during March 2018. An audio clip of this speech has become viral in social media. Many female social activists who are well known personalities in Kerala had come up against this issue. Rehana Fathima, Diya Sana, Reshmi R Nair, Arathy SA had responded against remarks made by Professor Jauhar Munnavir.

Farook college professor compared breasts to vathakka which is local word used to mention the fruit watermelon. Vathakka, Bathakka, Thannimathanga are common terms used to denote watermelon. This comparison made by a college professor in Kozhikode Farook college had crossed all limits. He was trying to educate everyone about importance of covering body parts as per Islamic tradition.

This professor criticized that new generation students studying in this college are using dresses like leggings under pardha. He also said that Shawl is used instead of Makkana to cover face and body. According to him dresses like Shawl only covers head portion and not chest. He asked everyone to strictly use Makkana which is the most Islamic traditional way of wearing dresses.

What is actually Maru thurakkal samaram and what is it’s actual meaning. It simply means bare chest campaign whcih is popular in many foreign countries demanding equal justice to all gender whether it’s male or female.

Diya Sana (Sajna Shajahan) who is a well known activist decided to respond against it by starting Maru thurakkal samaram campaign through social media. Soon other female activists like Rehana Fathima, Reshmi R Nair, Arathy SA joined this protest by posting their responses in Facebook.

Maru thurakkal samaram Campaign Latest news

A married woman named Arathy SA from Trivandrum aged 25 years posted a bare photo and participated in maru thurakkal samaram campaign. Immediately after that Diya Sana posted a photo posing with half cut watermelons. Diya Sana also posted a photo revealing her body which was removed from Facebook after mass reporting by people against it.

When Farooq College Principal was asked about this controversial speech he said that this speech was not made inside campus. So this professor’s speech was not against Muslim students in Farooq college. This speech was made 3 months back during a counseling session conducted elsewhere and some people had posted it in social media to create problems.

maru thurakkal samaram

Few days back Farook College was in news when teachers beat students for celebrating Holi. It’s suspected that recent problems are made up by some one as a revenge against attack on students of Farook college during Holi.

Another activist Rehana Fathima who is a model and actress also raised her voice against professor of this college. Reshmi R Nair the bikini model and wife of Rahul Pasupalan also responded against this issue. Farook Training College professor Jauhar Munnavir had lashed out against Muslim students by saying that they are deliberately exposing and posing like sliced watermelons kept in street shops.

Recently another issue that happened in Kerala was when Mathrubhumi’s magazine edition Grihalakshmi published a cover page photo of an unmarried model breastfeeding a child. It was Jilu Joseph who appeared in cover page photo shoot of this magazine and it had become a controversial one.