Marimayam Fame Manju Lungi Blouse Utopiayile Rajavu Pics

The malayalam extra actress Manju Sunichan who has been doing comedy roles in serials acted in cinemas also. In Malayalam movie Munthirivallikla Thalirkkumbol she appeared in a good role with actor Mohanlal and this role was noticed by everyone making her popular. Manju Sunichan recent films are Jilebi and Utopiayile Rajavu. Marimayam Fame Manju Lungi Blouse wearing photos in the cinema Utopiayile Rajavu is marvelous.

Role done by Manju in the movie Utopiayile Rajavu made every one astonished. It was because she appeared very glamorous in traditional dress like lungi and blouse. The dress lungi blouse is one of the most gifted costumes and was used by lower class families in the past. So to describe poverty of a character or as a servant maid or fisher woman this dress is most commonly used. Actress Manju Sunichan Lungi Blouse Photos looks gorgeous. Manju’s performance in the Malayalam cinema Utopiayile Rajavu of Super Star Mammooty was incredible.

In film Jilebi she used nighty / maxi and in both Malayalam films she appeared as house maid or servant. She is one of the persons who came to Tv film industry throug a eality show and due to her talents and performances in this shows which made her popular. Manju and her husband Suncihan was introduced into lime light by the Mazhavail Manorama channel through the reality show Veruthe Alla Bharya.

After becoming the winners in it their career started to change. They did many stage shows and later Manju started acting in a comedy based serial Marimayam.

Utopiayile Rajavu performance of actress Manju is really hot and this will give her a good career as an extra actress for doing glamour roles in malayalam movies. We have added a great collection of photos of actress Manju Sunichen in various colors of Lungi Blouse.

Utopiayile rajavu actress Manju Sunichan photo

This is latest photo of actress Manju Suncihen which was shared by her in Facebook. In latest malayalam movie that is coming up we can see actress Manju Sunichen coming in role of a fish selling woman in market (Meenkari).

utopiayile rajavu actress in lungi blouse

Photos of Actress Manju Suncihen in Utopiayile Rajavu (Uttoppiyayaile Rajavu)

Filmography of Marimayam Fame Manju

After the success of Marimayam serial Manju Suncihan got chances in lot of malayalam movies like Ellam Chettante Ishtam Pole, Utopiayile Rajavu, Jilebi.

Manju Sunichen Family

Both Manju and her husband Sunichen has done a reality show in Mazhavil Manorama channel through which she got chance to act in serials and later in films.