Kerala actress Manju warrier response on First husband Dileep’s marriage with Kavya

Dileep who is first husband of Malayalam actress Manju warrier got married to actress Kavya Madhavan. This wedding between Kavya – Dileep was held on Friday, 25th November 2016. After this event every one was eagerly awaiting actress Manju Warrier response on Dileep wedding news with Kavya Madhavan. Even television channel reporters tried to contact Manju Warrier to know about her response in this matter. But Manju kept away from media and phone calls as she was not in a situation to talk with anyone.

Most fans of Manju Warrier were expecting a Facebook response by her regarding this matter. But till now Manju Warrier did not give any responses in FB too. May be she is trying to cop up with situations and trying to overcome her sadness. Support for Manju from Kerala audience increased with Kavya – Dileep wedding. Till now Manju warier was criticized by everyone for divorcing Dileep. Now everyone has come to know that divorce between Manju and Dileep happened because of problems started with his relation with Kavya Madhavan. There were earlier news that Manju Warrier was ready to live with Dileep, if he ended his relation with Kavya Madhavan.

Actress Manju Warrier’s Facebook page is being flooded with comments in favour of her giving everyone’s sympathy and support. At same time reaction of everyone towards Kavya Madhavan and Dileep has changed. There are criticizing harsh comments and trolls coming out against Dileep, Kavya Madhavan after their marriage. It’s mainly because all this time Dileep,  Kavya Madhavan were denying fact that they were in love affair. Dileep has now said that he is getting married as per wish of her daughter Meenakshi.

Dileep, Kavya Madhavan second marriage is now discussed by all all online social medias and tv channels. There are also people asking whether there will be a second marriage in life of Manju Warrier.

On investigating about Manju Warrier response on Dileep wedding it was found that she knew about this news from a close friend by previous night itself. This made her decide to switch off her mobile and she went to her house in Thrissur from shooting location of Saira Bhanu.

Manju Warrier watched Dileep – Kavya Madhavan wedding live telecast through New channels. She told to close friends that she watched wedding in Tv and was disappointed that her daughter did not say anything about it to her. Manju Warrier was deeply sad when her daughter Meenakshi lied to her regarding this.

Manju also said that her daughter Meenakshi was forced by Dileep to say that she was happy in getting him married with Kavya Madhavan.

Manju Warrier Facebook Post – Fidel Castro Vs Dileep Kavya Marriage

In her latest facebook post dated 28th November 2016, Manju Warrier wrote a hidden message about her response of dileep’s second marriage. She wrote a post on Fidel Castro and how he survived all problems and such things. Maanju Warrier wrote that her inspiration was from book “My Life” by Fidel Castro.

Manju Warrier Response Letter about Divorce, Daughter

In this detailed letter written by actress Manju Warrier few months before, she has revealed everything about her decision on divorce from Dileep. She also made it clear what are her decisions regarding daughter Meenakshi too.

Manju warrier response on Dileep

Recently when Kunchakko Boban came to give wedding wishes to Kavya – Dileep, he was criticized by everyone regarding why he wished them. He replied that he does not that he did any mistake and his innocence will be understood by Manju Warrier who is also his close friend like Kavya, Dileep.

Marriage date of Manju Warrier and Dileep was on 20th October 1998. She ran away with Dileep leaving her parents to get married with him. And now she is cheated by Dileep, by loving another woman in his life.

There has been many reports that problems in married life of Manju Warrier – Dileep and Kavya Madhavan – Nishal Chandra was mainly due to friendship between Kavya and Dileep. There was an audio clip of Nishal’s mother circulating in internet criticizing Dileep and Kavya Madhavan.

All these were considered as fake. But present situation in which Dileep, Kavya got married shows that there is something true behind every gossips.