What is Manju Warrier response on Dileep’s arrest – How Kerala celebrities reacted

Malayalam actor ‘Janapriya Nayakan’ Dileep got arrested on 10 July 2017 at Aluva. Actor Dileep’s arrest was made in connection with conspiracy case for attack of actress on 19 February 2016. After 5 months of this incident real master mind behind this attack was taken into custody. After knowing of this news every one was anxious to know about Manju Warrier response in Dileep arrest.

Along with this all Malayalam film industry fans were interested to know about reactions of Kerala actors actress to Dileep arrest. Above all every one was interested in knowing Kerala actress Manju Warrier response in Dileep arrest. Lot of Malayalam actors and actresses who earlier supported Dileep are now coming up against him. Actress Kavya Madhavan, her mother Shyamala Madhavan, Dileep’s friend Nadirshah, brother Anoop were questioned by Police. After attacking actress many visuals of this was recorded as video clip by Sunil Kumar (Pulsar Suni) and stored in a Memory card.

Police had already got another memory card with attacked actress visuals. Still Police is investigating about the memory card which was handed over to Dileep or Kavya Madhavan. This was why a raid was conducted at Kavya Madhavan’s shop ‘Lakshya’ in Kakkanad. Actress Kavya Madhavan’s mother is also questioned by Police in connection with it. Manju Warrier’s movement through ‘Women Collective in Cinema’ has helped in strengthening this investigation.

There were allegations that ‘AMMA’ association stood for male actors only and supported Dileep. When news of actor Dileep’s arrest came out, all members of AMMA stood against him, fearing negative remarks from Kerala audience. On urgent AMMA meeting held on 11-7-2017, it was decided to remove actor Dileep from AMMA association.

Manju Warrier response in Dileep arrest

So what is actually actress Manju Warrier response in Dileep arrest. As per news reports actress Manju Warrier was at shooting location of her new movie “Aami”. After knowing about Dileep’s arrest, actress Manju Warrier broke into tears. Why did actress Manju Warrier cry is now latest doubt of everyone. Dileep and Manju Warrier got divorced few years back. After that Dileep got married to actress Kavya Madhavan. Manju Warrier has still not got married again.

Is Manju Warrier still having a soft corner for her first husband Dillep. This was main doubt of everyone when Manju Warrier cried on hearing actor Dileep’s arrest. It’s also thought that Manju Warrier broke into tears on knowing that Dileephad done conspiracy in this case. Some people think that actress Manju Warrier response in Dileep arrest was because of her thoughts about daughter Meenakshi.

What is Real response of Manju Warrier

People who are close to actress Manju Warrier said that she is not a person who takes sudden decisions. They also said that she has not cried after knowing about arrest of Dileep. She has only taken a break from shooting after knowing details of arrest. This was not due to soft corner or emotions for Dileep.

Close sources of Manju Warrier also said that she has not yet filed any case regarding custody of daughter. She may take a decision only after thinking very well about it.

Manju Warrier response in Dileep arrest

Daughter Meenakshi response

What is Dileep’s daughter opinion on arrest of her father Dileep. There are reports that Meenakshi thinks that her mother Manju Warrier is reason for getting her father arrested. What is reality in this situation is unknown.

Actress response Fake video

After arrest of actor Dileep in actress attack case, everyone was expecting for response of attacked actress. A fake video which was taken few months back for another program is being circulated as her thanksgiving for arresting Dileep.

Manju Warrier Daughter Meenakshi

Will actress Manju Warrier go to court for getting back authority as guardian of Meenakshi ?

Actress Manju Warrier is first wife of actor Dileep. Their daughter Meenakshi Dileep is living with Dileep and Kavya Madhavan. After arrest of actor Dileep, there are chances that Manju Warrier will move to court to get possession of her daughter’s custody.

Ganesh Kumar, Mukesh talks on actor Dileep arrest

MLA Mukesh, Ganesh Kumar who supported Dileep in beginning, is now talking against him after his arrest happened. Innocent who is Member of Parliament (MP) had also earlier supported Dileep. Now Innocent is also against Dileep when this case investigation is in it’s last stage. There were many protests against actor Innocent for supporting Dileep.

Director Vinayan reaction to Dileep arrest

From beginning itself Director Vinayan was against Dileep and he talked angrily against AMMA association.

Asif Ali response in Dileep case

Asif Ali responded that he will not act in any movies with actor Dileep. Asif Ali said that attack on actress by Dileep is a very bad thing and no male should do like this.

Remya Nambeesan response in Dileep’s attack on actress

Actress Remya Nambeesan also opened her words in support of Dileep’s arrest through her Facebook page.

Kavya Madhavan Facebook page disappeared

After arrest of actor Dileep everyone started looking for Facebook profile page of actress Kavya Madhavan. It was for writing their comments against Dileepa nd Kavya Madhavan. All people who looked for Kavya Madhavan’s FB page found that it has been removed or not available.

Pinarayi Vijayan about Dileep arrest

Kerala CVhief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said that anyone who commits crime will be punished even if he or she is in any high position.

Dileep Response on actress attack

This is a video clip of actor Dileep talking about actress attack case few months back. Reaction of Dileep was like he did not even know about this incident. Dileep acted very well in this meeting and talked in support of this actress.

Dileep Controversy in Padanayakan movie

There is a new revelation that few years back in 1996 during shooting of Padanayakan movie, actor Dileep showed his ugly face. Dileep tried to peak at Padanayakan movie heroine’s room to see her changing dress. This was spotted by Script writer of this film Rafeeq. He quarreled with Dileep and as a revenge Dileep destroyed Rafeeq’s career in cinema.

After this news broke out everyone wanted to know name of Padanayakan movie heroine. There are two actresses in Padanayakan movie and they are Meera, Chippy.