Manju Warrier Passed Fake News after Dileep Kavya Madhavan Wedding

After Kavya Madhavan – Dileep marriage on 25 November 2016, most TV channels tried to contact Manju Warrier to know her response. Most of her fans were showering comments in support of her in Facebook page. Everyone was expecting her to open up mind. All were waiting to hear her response on her first husband Dileep’s marriage news. At this someone made a cruel prank photo showing Manju Warrier passed news. Wedding of actor Dileep and Kavya Madhavan was done as a secret by keeping everything under cover till last moment. But theer are news reports that Manju Warrier was aware of wedding of Dileep – Kavya, from a close friend of her.

It was in form of a malayalam breaking news scrolling of a popular News channel in Kerala. This fake news regarding Manju Warrier passed news was send between Whatsapp groups and in personal messages in social media. Soon Manju Warrier fake whatsapp news became viral all over internet. This message came out in a situation whe every one was sympathizing about Manju warrier and thinking what will she do on losing daughter and husband. Most people were sad on her life situation and at this time such a cruel prank should not have been done with her name.

It’s common that many times Whatsapp gossips or news that have no truth get viral in social media. This is one of the recent examples to such controversies that happened in Mollywood. Malayalam actors like Salim Kumar, Jagathy Sreekumar .etc were earlier victims of such Watsapp messages. Malayalam actress Manju Warrier was not giving her response on Dileep – Kavya wedding. This might have made many people restless and wanted to make her respond to this news. It may be because of it that such a wrong news was developed to make Manju Warrier respond through Facebook or media.

Manju Warrier Athmahathya vartha ( came out on 25th November 2016 just after marriage of Dileep and Kavya Madhavan.

What ever reason was intended by person who created it, it’s very bad. If Manju Warrier or News channel whose logo is used makes a complaint with cyber police, strict actions like arresting culprit will be done.

Fake Whatsapp news was with name of Manorama News channel saying that “Manju Warrier tried to end life due to wedding between Kavya Madhavan and Dileep. It also contained message that Manju Warrier is serious and is presently taken to Amrita Hospital in Ernakulam.”

This was fake message with photo of Manju Warrier that was spreading like fire in Whatsapp messages.

Manju Warrier Passed Fake Photo News

This is fake message that had been viral in Whatsapp from 25th November 2016 after marriage of Kavya Madhavan and Dileep happened.

Manju Warrier Passed

Even though Manju Warrier did not respond in Facebook or in News channels, she opened up her mind with close friends in film industry.

Manju Warrier said to friends that she already knew about Dileep – Kavya wedding on previous day itself. She knew that everyone’s attention will get diverted on her. So she switched off her phone to avoid unwanted calls in mobile from channels and fans.

Manju warrier did not want to hear sympathizing words from everyone on her family problems. But she said that she was really sad that her daughter Meenakshi lied to her and did not say anything about her father’s marriage.

Manju Warrier said that Meenakshi was forced by her father Dileep to allow him to marry actress Kavya Madhavan.

Manju Warrier latest news is that shooting schedule of her Malayalam movie C/O Saira Banu in Kerala has ended. Remaining shooting schedules of Manju Warrier will be in December.