Manju Warrier Latest Facebook Post after Dileep Kavya Marriage News

Mollywood celebrity second marriage of Dileep – Kavya Madhavan has created lot of controversies from 25 November 2016. A wedding gossip news of Dileep, Kavya has become reality at last. Immediately after this all eyes were on response of actress Manju Warrier who is first wife of Mollywood’s Janapariya Nayakan Dileep. Kerala actress Manju Warrier latest Facebook post about Fidel Castro became viral due to this expectation.

Both Kavya Madhavan and Dileep were denying that they will get married. When Kavya – Dileep were approached earlier by channels regarding reality of their love affair, they were not ready to accept it. Dileep said that actress Kavya Madhavan is his good friend. Malayalam film audience are at present angry with Dileep for hiding this fact and telling lies to everyone. During time of Manju Warrier – Dileep divorce, whole support was towards Dileep. Every one thought that Manju Warrier divorce with Dileep, was to perform in dance shows and act in movies. All this time Manju kept silent, saying that sun will shine some day revealing truth.

On 25th November 2016, all truth has come out of cloud of lies when Dileep married Kavya Madhavan. Thousands of people gave their wishes to Dileep, Kavya on their wedding day. When everyone’s attention was moved to Manju Warrier and when all of them started thinking from her position things started changing. Support for malayalam actress Manju Warrier started increasing from Kerala film audience. Hashtag #iSupportManju started trending in Facebook and other social media sites giving full support to Manju Warrier. Manju Warrier was congratulated by everyone regarding her decision to divorce Dileep. All fans of Dileep, Kavya Madhavan started criticizing them for cheating with Manju Warrier.

Manju Warrier is a woman who went with Dileep giving up her parents and now Dileep has given up her for another woman. There had been many news reports that Manju Warrier has many times requested Dileep to end his friendship with Kavya Madhavan. All this time he denied this and this created problems that led to Dileep – Manju Warier divorce.

On occasion of Dileep getting married to Kavya Madhavan, all people were looking for Manju Warrier’s whereabouts.

After wedding of Dileep with Kavya Madhavan opinion of Manju Warrier regarding this was asked by all. At this time Cuban former President Fidel Castro passed. Manju Warrier wrote a Facebook post (27-11-2016) on Fidel Castro. In this post she gave a hidden message of her opinion about Dileep- Kavya wedding.

Marriage of her first husband Dileep with actress Kavya Madhavan happened on 25-11-16. All fans of Manju Warrier were asking her opinion regarding Dileep’s second marriage. But she was ready to give a response on that directly. She decided to give a hidden message through post about Fidel Castro. This intelligent post from Manju warrier is becoming viral after Dileep – Kavya wedding.

Communist revolutionary Fidel Castro is remembered by Manju Warrier in her new Facebook post. She remarked that life of Fidel Castro to not get defeated in life, gave inspiration to her in all situations.

Fidel Castro’s “My Life” is a book that inspired her life to survive all problems and strive further to victory. Tons of comments were made on official Facebook page of Manju warrier ( giving support to her.

Manju Warrier Latest Facebook Post

Manju Warrier Latest Facebook Post

With response of Manju Warrier quoting Fidel Castro’s ‘My Life: A Spoken Autobiography’ book, everyone is looking to know more about this book.

My Life A Spoken Autobiography is a book written by Ignacio Ramonet after taking lot of interviews with Fidel Castro. This book was published first in Spanish language in 2006 and later in English in 2008. In popular sites like Amazon it’s available and is of starting price Rs. 1358.

Fidel Castro is a Cuban leader who fought against all attacks on him and as per reports he survived around 638 CIA attacks on him. So life of such a powerful person in World is going to give power to everyone to overcome their silly life problems.

This was what gave strength to Manju Warrier when Dileep cheated her and married Kavya Madhavan. There were news reports that Manju Warrier was ready to come back to life of Dileep and daughter Meenakshi. But Dileep was not ready to end his friendship with Kavya Madhavan.

This is said to have caused Kavya divorce from her first husband Nishal Chandra as said by Nishal’s mother. Later Dileep – Manju Warier break up also happened ending their 17 years of marriage life.

Now Dileep got married to Kavya Madhavan and took his daughter Meenashi with him leaving Manju warrier all alone. Mental support to overcome all these problems in her life was got through inspirations that she got from powerful personalities like Fidel Castro.