Manju Warrier daughter Meenakshi Dileep custody case in court filed by mother Manju

Malayalam actress Manju Warrier daughter had divorced her husband and actor Dileep few years back. Who will be guardian of actress Manju Warrier daughter Meenakshi Dileep is now main question. After divorce from Dileep, her daughter Meenakshi was living with Dileep. This is a relevant thing to be discussed especially as actor Dileep is arrested. There are inquiries against actress Kavya Madhavan and she may also get arrested in actress attack case.

Recently theer are many evidences against Kavya Madhavan in actress attack case. CCTV visuals of Lakhsya office in Kakkanad in which Sunil Kumar (Pulsar Suni) or some other person came to handover memory card is retrieved.

Also evidence that Sunil Kumar took Rs.2.5 lakhs from Lakshya, which is an online portal managed by Kavya Madhavan and having office at Kakkanad. These evidences against Kavya Madhavan is enough to get her too arrested. Presently Dileep’s daughter Meenakshi Dileep is living with Kavya Madhavan and Dileep in their house.

Actress Manju Warrier and actor Dileep got married in year 1998 and they had a love marriage. They were happily married till 2013, when problems started in their life. Dileep’s love affair with actress Kavya Madhavan started all problems in his family life. In year 2015 Dileep got divorce from first wife Manju Warrier.

After that he denied many news that he is going to get married to Kavya Madhavan. Later all of a sudden surprising everyone he got married to actress Kavya Madhavan in November 2016. Now within 8 months of Dileep’s second marriage, he is in jail for conspiracy case in actress attack incident.

Case for Custody of Manju Warrier daughter Meenakshi

At present both Meenakshi’s father Dileep and step mother Kavya Madhavan are involved in a criminal case.

In this situation Meenakshi’s mother Manju Warrier is really concerned about her safety and future. This makes Manju Warrier move to Court to file a case demanding custody of her daughter.

Even Meenakshi who loved her father Dileep might have understood about criminal mind of Dileep. Arrest of actor Dileep has made things easier for Manju Warrier.

Manju Warrier To Court for Daughter

Kerala actress Manju Warrier is going to Court to take legal proceedings to get back her daughter Meenakshi from dileep and Kavya Madhavan’s custody.

(മഞ്ജു വാരിയർ  കോടതിയിലേക്ക് മകൾ മീനാക്ഷിക്കു വേണ്ടി )

Actress Maaju Warrier can easily demand custody of her daughter Meenakshi based on present situations. Meenakshi’s father Dileep’s arrest in a criminal case will make proceedings easy for Manju Warrier.

As per latest news actress Manju Warrier is determined to file case in court. If case proceeds as expected, actress Manju Warrier daughter Meenakshi will be soon with her. Manju Warrier is a bold woman and will fight hard to get her daughter Meenakshi from hands of Dileep and Kavya Madhavan