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Manjal Prasadam is a new malayalam serial being telecast in Flowers tv channel. Always Flowers tv has come up with interesting serials. Now with Manjal Prasadam serial started in December 2016, all audience can experience a tv serial with HD quality like a movie. All camera shots in this serial Manjal Prasadam is made with colorful back grounds, casting .etc. With popularity of this serial every one is looking to know details about Manjal Prasadam serial actress actors names, characters done by them. etc.

Manjal Prasadam serial tells story of a family that believes in old Hindu beliefs and sticks to old generation traditions in their living style. A Sarppa Kavu is a place where snakes are worshiped and they are considered like gods giving protection to a family. Turning point of this serial’s story is when a new generation girl of this family who studied in city comes to her come with friends. They create some problems and after effect of it is outlined in this beautiful serial Manjal Prasadam. Telecast time of Manjal Prasadam serial is from Monday to Friday from night 9.00 pm to 9.30 pm.

In this serial most people are looking to know details of actress who does character of Dakshaka role in Manjal prasadam serial. Actress Sanooja is doing role of Dakshaka (rakshaka) who is a villain character attacking Nagathanmar of Manjal Prasadam. Native place of actress Sanooja is Ottappalam. Manjal Prasadam serial actress are Ann Mathew, Kala Radhi. Director of Manjalprasadam serial is Pratheep Madhavan. Kerala actress Ann Mathew is doing a central character in Manjal Prasadam serial. Actress Kala Radhi is actress who does role of grand mother who worships Nagathan’s in Sarppakkavu. Cast of Manjalprasadam srial includes Ann Mathew, Nithin, Ajoobsha, Kala Radhi, Muhammed Arham. Shooting location of Manjalprasadam serial is at beautiful backgrounds of Ottappalam in Palakkad district.

Choreographer – Deepak

Editing – Abhilash

Music – Ranjin Rajavarma

Manjal Prasadam is a new Malayalam serial started in Flowers Tv channel with colorful visuals to entertain audience.

Telecast of this popular serial Manjalprasadam is in Flowers tv channel from night 9 pm to 9.30 pm.

Manjal Prasadam serial actress cast real names, photos

Real names and characters done by each actor, actress in Manjalprasadam serial is updated.

Actress Ann Mathew does role of character Vasihnavi.

Actress Radhika does role of character Renu (Renuka)

Actress Sanuja does role of character Rakshaka the villain snake Naga Yakshi.

Actress Kalyani does role of character Kalyani who is female servant.

Actress Sudeep does role of character Unni Thampuran

Actress Kalaradhi who is also known as Kalamandalam Radhika (Kala Radhi) does role of character Muthassi.

Actor Nidhin

Actor Ajumsha does role of Eeshwar

Actor Sreerag

Actor Anil

Shankunni is Karyasthan

Name of actress who does role of Swathi is not known.

Manjal Prasadam Serial Actress

Kalyani in Manjalprasadam serial

Female servant in Manjalprasadam serial is done by Kalyani


Manjal Prasadam Serial Actress Video Promo

Interview Video of Actress Sanooja

Actress Sanuja (Sanooja) is doing role of Dakshaka in Manjal Prasadam serial.

Ann Mathew Family

Serial actress Ann Mathew is married and had left acting career 6 years before. She was a popular ad film actress and model who left acting, modelling because her parents did not like it.

Later after marriage she is coming back to acting through Manjal Prasadam serial because of support from her husband.

Ann Mathew is doing role of Vaishnavi in this serial.