Malayali Veettamma Winners മലയാളി വീട്ടമ്മ Flowers TV reality show 2017

Malayali Veettamma grand finale reality show in Flowers TV was telecast on Monday, 25th December 2017. Grand finale winners of Malayali Veettamma (മലയാളി വീട്ടമ്മ) program was announced by actor Jayaram who was Chief guest in final episode.

First prize winner of Malayali Veettamma grand finale program in Flowers TV channel is contestant Sruthy Yedulal. This reality show Malayalee Veettamma was an adventurous and fun filled program in Kerala which attracted millions of audience. All contestants of Malayali Veettamma are married women and homemakers who are contesting with their talents and confidence to win the first prize. Theme of this show was ‘Salute Motherhood and Celebrate it’.

Sponsor of Malayalee Veettamma show was Confident group which offered a Innova Car and fully furnished 1 Crore worth flat. Sruthy Yedulal received car and flat keys from Confident group. Immediately after the show they received this flat and they did housewarming. Photos of this was shared by Sruthy Yedulal and her husband. Handling of flat was done soon to avoid any controversies regarding not giving prizes to winners. Telecast timing of Malayali Veettamma in Flowers TV was at night 9.00 pm on Saturday, Sunday.

First episode of Malayali Veettamma (മലയാളി വീട്ടമ്മ) was shown in Flowers TV channel on 24th December 2016 and final grand finale episode shown on 26th December 2017.

Malayali Veettamma grand finale episode is available at Homemazala mobile app and website of Flowers TV channel (

Anoop John in Producer and Director of this show.

Anchors – Ashwathy Srikanth, Sanju Sivram

Judges – Vindhuja Menon, Jomol, Rajini Chandy , Nikki Galrani, Beena Kannan, Sheela, Rekha, Ambika Pillai .etc.

Special guests – Nadiya Moithu, Jayaram.

Malayali Veettamma Grand Finale episode 96

Malayali Veettamma grand finale winners

Malayali Veettamma grand finale winners list

Names of Malayali Veettamma grand finale winners and prizes awarded to contestants is as follows.

First prize winner (Malayalee Veettamma title winner)  – Sruthy Yedulal who got Innova Car and 1 Crore flat from Confident group.

Grand finale episode promo

Second prize winner (First runner up) – Femy Baiju who got 5 pavans gold and trophy from Flowers tv.

Third prize winner (Second runner up) – Sreekutty who got 3 pavan gold from Flowers tv.

Grand finale finalists contestants

In Final episode of Malayali Veettamma grand finale the contestants were,

All contestants list of Malayalee Veettamma

  • Sanam Nelson
  • Neeba Nibin
  • Shilpa Abhildev
  • Ramya Ranjith
  • Femy Baiju
  • Anjaly Mathew
  • Dhanya Nidheesh
  • Nimisha Sunny
  • Babitha Jayan
  • Dineeja Sunil
  • Shruthi Yadudal
  • Leena Babu
  • Krishna Manish
  • Rineesha Harris
  • Jesna Justine Kurisinkal
  • Lekshmi Nibin
  • Jubitha Siby
  • Raji Rajan
  • Mini Famir
  • Sreekutty Mukesh