Name of Kerala Female Playback singer in Online sex racket case – Latest News

Breaking news on Friday, 20 January 2017 is regarding involvement of Malayalam singer sex racket case. What is reality and genuineness behind in this case report that came out in Kerala in 2017. A popular Malayalam singer, anchor is said to be involved in this shocking news report released just now from Kerala. All people who heard about this news wanted to know about name of this female singer and see her photos. In Kerala such cases are increasing like North Indian states where it was more active in previous years.

A malayalam female singer who is popular in stage shows and television programs is said to be involved in an online trafficking case. A Hi tech online racket is functioning under this popular Kerala singer. This information was revealed by Police as part of Operation Big Daddy activity which is aimed to arrest such rackets. Other than this popular playback singer many other Kerala actress are also involved in this racket. So how was this information received by Police who was investigating such activities. Many under-aged girls are being kept by this racket for supplying to customers. So wrapping up this racket and arresting everyone is necessary.

Usually such rackets have good financial background, political, official support which prevents any actions being taken against them. Along with this a popular Malayalam actress is also said to be a main part of this racket and investigation is being conducted. Earlier actress, model Reshmi R Nair and her husband Rahul Pasupalan were arrested in such a raid by Operation Big-Daddy. A Kerala actress who is said to be popular as being an alcohol-addict is also suspected to be involved in this case. Police is conducting investigation in all possible ways to track culprits behind this case.

Police had contacted this malayalam singer in disguise of a customer. She had agreed for Rs.25,000 and she told place, time where she will come. But at last moment she got suspicious of the deal and said she could not come. This was how Police had got track on this online trafficking racket.

Malayalam singer sex racket case news

There are many people making guesses at singers and anchors in Kerala. There is no news report pointing out any name of singers who are suspected to be involved. So please do not make up fake stories in Whatsapp regarding innocent people. Whatsapp fake stories regarding Kerala actress is common and this should not end up like that just because of similarities.

Malayalam singer sex racket

As soon as investigation progresses we will get full details of female singer involved and actresses in this racket. More information regarding Malayalam singer sex racket arrest will be updated soon.

Few months back a sex-racket was arrested in Muvattupuzha along with a junior actress. Such arrests are made every now and then without any progress in investigation.

Serial actress Gayathri was also arrested few months back who was left off as there was no evidence in this case to prove that she is guilty.

Reshmi R Nair and Rahul Pasupalan case also ended up in court without being able to prove that they are involved in any crime.