Malayalam serial actress arrest at Kochi photos video for attack of uber driver

On 20 September 2017 a Malayalam serial actress arrested at Kochi in Kerala on charges of attacking a Uber driver. This incident happened at Vyttila in Kochi when a Malayalam television serial actress and two other women took service of a driver named Shafeeq.

Name of this Malayalam actress is Angel Baby aged 36 from Alakode in Kannur who is at present staying in Vyttila. Other women who were arrested are Clara Shijin aged 27 from Kannur and Sheeja aged 30 from Pathanamthitta. When driver Shafeeq came to pick up these female travelers there was another man in the car who had been traveling in share car basis. These three women became angry seeing another man travelling in same car they have taken.

As per reports all these three women were drunken and they got angry with the Uber car driver. This led to quarrelling with driver Shafeeq and they started attacking him. The women travelers including Malayalam serial actress were out to of senses that they pushed driver out of the car and started attacking him. All these arrested women are natives of Kannur. What is name of this malayalam serial actress arrested and what is her role as character and in which serial she is acting.

Dress of driver Shafeeq was torn away by these angry women. They hit him using a stone on his head and he was injured badly. Soon Police rushed to this place in Vyttila and took them in custody. Shafeeq who is a native of Aroor had severe head of injury and was admitted at near by Ernakulam general hospital.

After news of arrest of a Kerala serial actress at Kochi on 20 September 2017 came out, everyone wanted to know name of this serial actress. Police came to know that one of the woman is a Malayalam television serial actress after she revealed it to police when she was took in custody.

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Within short time malayalam serial actress arrested in connection with attack on a Uber driver at Vyttila in Kochi on 20-9-2017 had become a viral news.

This is really a very shocking incident that three drunken women in Kerala had attacked a man for a simple issue. Actually this woman had booked discount using Uber pool facility which allows passengers to share car travelling to same location. But when the car came to pick them up they became angry on seeing another passenger inside.

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These are photos of Sheeja, Clara, Angel who attacked this driver.

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On a shocking incident that happened on 20 September 2017 three Malayalam serial actress arrest at Vyttila in Kochi happened. These Kerala actresses have acted in small supporting roles for movies and serials. Names of the actress and her friends have been revealed. Angel Baby (Angel Mary) who is a native of Kannur and presently stayinng at Vytila is the actress who was arrested. Other females arrested are Clara Shijin and Sheeja 30.

What was reason for arrest of actresses by police on 20/9/17. They called for Uber taxi service on basis of pool sharing basis in which taxi charges will be shared by people traveling to same location. Based on this the car driver came with another male passenger who had to travel in this location.

These actresses did not like another person traveling with them and they got irritated. Along with this these three actresses were drunken and they became angry while traveling. They argued with the driver to leave away this passenger and ride with them only.

The Uber driver was not ready to take this option because the male passenger had booked the service first. This made these actresses go mad and attack him. They pushed him out of the car and tore away his dresses.

During the fight they also beat him with a stone on his head and he was injured. He went to near by Police aid post at Vyttila. Police who came to this spot took custody of these 3 actresses and later a case was filed at Maradu Police Station.

Names of these Malayalam serial actress arrest which happened at Vytiila in Kochi were sheeja, clara, angel. Maradu police took them into custody and later they were released in station bail. Uber taxi driver Shafeeq who was injured in this attack by Malayalam actresses was admitted at Ernakulam General Hospital. This incident of drunken Kerala actress attacking driver had shocked everyone.

This is an example of how much alcohol is affecting badly our society and female celebrities behaving like this is one of the rare incidents in Kerala.