Malayalam actress converts to Islam Names of Kerala actress who became muslim

In India lot of celebrities have converted their religion from Hindu, Christian to Muslim. It is basic right of a person to decide which religion he or she should worship. Converting religion is now getting lot of news value if it is done by actress especially from Kerala. Malayalam actress converts to Islam is now now a new thing because so many celebrities and important personalities from writer Madhavaikutty has done so.

In latest releasing Malayalam cinema ‘Aami’ it tells story about Madhavikutty who converted herself to Islam religion and became known as Kamala Suraiyya. Actress Manju Warrrier is doing role of Kamala Suraiyya in movie Aami.

Let us go through a small list of profiles of Malayalam actress converts to islam and becomes Muslim. There had been many instances of Muslim actress converting to Hindu or Christian religions also.

Why did a South Indian celebrity convert her religion to another is a matter that relates to their privacy. So let us not go into reasons regarding what made these celebrities make such a decision.

Most celebrities in kerala changed their religion after getting married. Only few celebrities like Monica, Mohini became attracted to a religion whcih made them decide to get converted. Malayalam actresses who converted to Islam are Lissy priyadarshan, Nayanthara.

Names of Malayalam actress converts to Islam

  • Actress Minu Kurian became Muslim and changed name to Minu Muneer (Was Christian earlier)

malayalam actress converts to islam

  • Actress Monica became MG Rehima

Names of Malayalam actress converts to Hinduism

  • Actress Jomol changed her name to Gowri after getting married.
  • Kerala actress Annie became Chitra

After her love marriage with Director Shaji Kailas, malayalam actress Annie changed her religion to Hinduism.

Names of Malayalam actress converts to Christhianity

  • Mohini became Christina

South actress Mohini who is popular in Malayalam, Tamil movies converted from Hindu religion to Christian. Mohini changed her name to Christina after she started following path of Jesus. She became interested in Christian beliefs which made her decide to get converted.