Kerala Actress Attack Kidnapped case Dileep, Nadirshah arrest latest details

On 10th July 2017 Malayalam actor Dileep is arrested by Police. This arrest is made after collecting all evidences in conspiracy by Dileep in attacking actress Bhavana on 18th February 2017. Latest news is that actor Dileep’s arrest is made after getting all evidences against him. Presently information is coming out that Dileep has said that he is involved in conspiracy in actress attack case. Arrest of Dileep is made after he agreed that he had done this crime.

Soon after arrest of actor Dileep, his restaurant named ‘Dhe Puttu’ in Edapally at Kochi was attacked by a group of people. Tis was done by people in protest against Dileep . ‘De Puttu’ at Edapally is owned by Dileep and Nadirshah.

DGP Loknath Behra said that Dileep is arrested for more details in regard to this investigation. Director Nadirshah is not arrested at present. Malayalam actress attack case arrest news is given by many Malayalam news channels. Case investigation in actress attack case is in it’s last stage. Actress Kavya Madhavan’s house and office Lakshya were raided by Police to get important evidences regarding this case. Actress Manju Warrier formed a new actress Association named ‘Women in Collective’ which protested that no action was taken by AMMA association.

On 5th July 2017 actor Dharmajan and Dileep’s brother Anoop were being questioned for more evidences. On 3rd July, Director Nadirshah’s wife Shahina Shah is admitted at hospital when she felt health difficulties, after hearing that Nadirsha may get arrested in this case. Investigation is continuing and more arrests are expected.

All important evidences connecting “Madam” who gave quotation for attacking Kerala actress is with Police. Important evidences connecting Pulsar Suni (Sunil Kumar) to actor Dileep was received recently through a selfie.

In a selfie which was taken at Georgettan’s Pooram movie location, Pulsar Suni could be seen at a distant place. This proves that Pulsar Suni had come to shooting location of actor Dileep. So who will be the person attacked in this case is not known at present. Anyway Police officials are proceeding to last stage of investigation in actress attack case.

Manju Warrier and many political parties made great pressure to get culprits in this case arrested. Bhavana molestation was recorded in a camera as accused by this actress. Police have been looking for Memory card of Bhavana video. As per latest information important visuals of this have been gathered and this is major evidenc in this actress attack case at present.

Recently Dileep, his friend Director Nadhirshah were taken for Police questioning regarding actress attack case and blackmail case against Sunil Kumar.

There are lot of people asking regarding real name of actress Kavya Madhavan’s mother. Does this case have some thing to with her. There are unconfirmed news coming out that actress Kavya Madhavan mother is also having connection to this case. So all doubts of media and people of Kerala will be cleared when an important arrest is made in this case. Name of actress Kavya Madhavan mother is Shyamala Madhavan.

Malayalam actress Attack case Arrest news

On 10-7-2017 , by evening 6.30 pm actor Dileep is arrested. More arrests are being expected in this case.

Actor Dileep arrested in actress attack case in Kerala on 10-7-2017 being taken into custody.

Dileep remanded for 14 days in Aluva sub jail

News video – Dileep arrest – Police DGP Lokanath Behera about this case 10-7-2017

Malayalam actress Attack case Arrest news

Malayalam actress attack case

There has been allegations that main reason for actress attack case was real estate business investments by many celebrities. It is considered that many real estate properties are registered under name of this attacked actress. This molestation was done and recorded to blackmail this actress to give back all these properties.

Any way we are not here to discuss any controversies which are not proved guilty. We all have to wait for a few hours when all mysteries in actress attack case will be unveiled.

Dileep Trolls in connection with arrest

Latest Malayalam trolls in connection with actor Dileep arrest are coming out.

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CCTV Visuals from Lakshya Office – Asianet news on Actress attack case

Kavya Madhavan mother Shyamala Madhavan Photos

Kavya Madhavan mother Shyamala Madhavan

Kavya Madhavan Mother, father

Malayalam actress Bhavana Attacked News

On 17th February 2017 late night Malayalam actress Bhavana kidnapped from her car by a group of men at Angamaly. She was harassed and molested by them for 2 hours inside her car and her photos, videos were taken. Later she was left off at Palarivattom and the group escaped in a car which was following them. South Indian actress Bhavana soon went to Director and Actor Lal’s house who informed Police about this incident.

Soon Police rushed to take details from Bhavana and a case was filed with investigation started immediately. This incident of a kidnap of a celebrity in a metropolitan city like Kochi has shocked everyone. This is an attack against a popular actress and shows that woman are not safe in Kerala. Police acted quickly and arrested few people in connection with this case. Actress Bhavana’s old driver was found to be guilty in this case and arrest was made. Malayalam actress Bhavana kidnapped incident was a pre-planned one and gang was waiting for her car at Angamaly.

Shocking news of Malayalam actress Bhavana kidnapped broke out in all channels and online newspapers from 18-2-2017 itself. Gang who kidnapped and harassed Bhavana thought that she will not file any complaint in fear. But actress Bhavana who took immediate help from Director Lal, contacted senior Police officials for making complaint. This speed up investigation which led to arrest of people involved in this case. Any way this incident of actress Bhavana attacked at Angamaly on Friday night on 17-2-2017 was known by Saturday 18-2-2017 as all channels reported about this incident.

Many newspapers reported that a popular Malayalam actress was kidnapped and molested.But when actress Bhavana boldly made a Police complaint regarding it, all Tv channels reported this incident mentioning her name.

Bhavana is a popular actress in Malayalam, Tamil , Kannada film industries. Reason for attack on Bhavana could be problems that developed between her old driver Pulsar Suni and her present car driver Martin. More details regarding Bhavana kidnap, abduction case will be known soon.

Bhavana was returning from her shooting location in Thrissur. Bhavana’s driver Martin is involved in this case. A gang who came through Traveller hit car of actress Bhavana.

Bhavana was attacked at 10 pm on Friday, 17 February 2017 near Angamaly in Ernakulam at Kerala. She was molested by gang inside car for around 2 hours. Later she was left off at Palarivattom in Ernakulam. Soon after Bhavana was attacked she took rescue at house of Dirtector Lal who contacted Police. Police came to Lal’s house to take details about attack from Bhavana.

Manju Warrier first wife of Dileep

Soon after this an arrest of a person named Martin was made. Main accused in Bhavana attack and kidnap case is Sunil Kumar who is known by name of Pulsar Suni. Sunil Kumar is involved in lot of criminal cases and he associated with Bhavana’s present driver to do this kidnapping.

Malayalam actress Bhavana kidnapped incident was planned like a cinema style story. Gang planned to do an accident with Bhavana’s car. Later Bhavana’s driver Martin came out of car to quarrel with gang members in Traveller. Later they beat up Martin as part of their plan and enter Bhavana’s car.

Photos, videos of actress Bhavana molesting was taken inside car and they wanted to keep it for blackmailing her. They left off Bhavana at a place near Director Lal’s house. Associates of Director Lal who was at that time in Lal’s house heard noise outside and came to her rescue. They caught Bhavana’s driver and this led to complete revelation of this incident.

More arrests will be made in this case as investigation progresses. Gang who attacked Bhavana took photos, videos of molestation and they wanted to keep it for blackmailing. But actress Bhavana filed a Police complaint and this spoiled their plans.

Bhavana Family Photos

Actress Bhavana father is G. Balachandran Menon who passed few months back. Her mother is Pushpa Menon and her brother is Jayadev Menon.

Bhavana father mother brother

Bhavana Profile

Actress Bhavana did malayalam films like Honey Bee 2 – Celebrations, Swapnathekkal Sundaram, Chowka, Adam, Adventures of Omanakuttan in 2017.

Bhavana is popular in Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam language movies. Bhavana’s best movies in Tamil are Deepavali, Chithiram Pesuthadi.

Bhavana’s first malayalam cinema is Nammal for which she won many film awards. Later Bhvaana did lot of roles in Mollywood movies like CID Moosa, Swapnakoodu, Chathikkatha Chanthu, Daivanamathil, Chinthamani Kolacase, Chotta Mumbai, Happy Husbands.