MA Baby Son Marriage – Ashok Nelson ( Thaikkudam Bridge Fame), Sanidha Antony Wedding, Photos

The official wedding of MA Baby Son marriage (Thaikkudam Bridge Nelson) was held at the Registrar office in East Fort, Thiruvananthapuram. The Marriage date was on Tuesday, 22 September 2015 and a wedding reception and special ceremony will be held at evening 3.30 pm.

MA Baby’s Son Ashok Nelson married Sanidha Antony at the venue in AKG Hall at Trivandrum.The wedding ceremony was very simple and was held at the “Rahu Kalam” which is considered as most un-auspicious (bad time) by astrologers. MA Baby had earlier selected the number 13 for MLA Hoster room and for his car and created news. But the wedding time was unexpectedly fixed at this time and even after knowing it , he did not change it because he was a True Communist leader who did not believe in the concept of religions.

This was why the marriage of his son was held by a simple “Thulasi Leaves” (Garland) in the presence of party workers at the Party office. On 22-09-2015 the marriage function of Sanidha Antony with Ashok Nelson was be held at AKG Hall near AKG Centre in Trivandrum. Wedding ceremony video, Photos of the marriage function of MA Baby Son Ashok Nelson – Sanidha Antony is also update. The engagement function photos were earlier released by media. Ashok Nelson is also known as Appu and is a popular Guitarist in the music band Thaikkudam Bridge. Ashok Nelson’s wedding is a love-arranged one. The love affair started when he met Sanitha during an event held at Attingal.

Their love affair bloomed through Lakshmi Menon who was the PR of Thaikkudam Bridge.

Later based on request to parents their marriage was fixed. Sanidha Antony is a native of Attingal in Thiruvananthapuram and actually from Changanassery. Her parents are Antony and Annamma. Sandiha Antony had done B.Pharm.

MA Baby Son Marriage Photos

    MA Baby Son marriage

Ashok Nelson (Appu) is a guitarist and other than this he is an LLB Graduate. M.A Baby Son Ashok Nelson photo is also updated. Official facebook profile of MA Baby’s son Ashok Nelson is

MA Baby is one of the leaders of Communist Party of India (M) at Kerala. He is presently the Polit Bureau member of Communist Party of India (Marxist) from year 2012.

He is one of the popular names in Kerala Politics and was also the Education Minister of Kerala.

The marriage function of his son will be attended by politicians from all parties, businessmen, celebrities from malayalam film industry.etc.