M80 moosa actress Anju leaked video and actress Anju Sasi response to it

Anju sasi and Surabhi Lakshmi gave in a Live video to explain truth about a fake video that is getting viral. News regarding M80 Moosa actress Anju leaked video in social media sites like Whatsapp, Facebook has made everyone astonished.

In Malayalam serial M80 Moosa actress Anju is doing role of Rasiya along with actors Vinod Kovoor, Athul Sreeva, Surabhi Lakshmi. Whatsapp video of Malayalam TV serial actress Anju Sasi is getting viral now.

Kerala actress Anju Sasi is a popular actress known to everyone as M80 Moosa and Pathumma’s daughter. These are characters shown in serial M80 Moosa.

Malayalam actress Anju Sasi does role of character Rasiya as daughter of Vinod Kovoor (M80 moosa) and Pathumma (Surabhi Lakshmi).

Is this video clip of Kerala serial actress Anju Sasi a real one or fake. After knowing about a video clip being spread in her name, she reacted to it in Facebook and filed a Police complaint. She took help of Media One channel’s legal advisor and filed a complaint against people who are using logo of channel and spreading a fake news about Anju Sasi.

Soon an arrest will be made by Kerala Cyber Police of the person who have uploaded a fake video clip regarding her. M80 moosa actress Anju Sasi made it clear that such persons should be definitely be arrested and brought before law.

News about M80 Moosa actress Anju leaked clip – Truth

M80 Moosa fame Surabhi Lakshmi (Pathu) and Anju Sasi came in a Facebook live video on Saturday, 20 April 2019. Two years before a video in name of Anju Sasi had become viral in Whatsapp. Now again such a video is getting shared in social media platforms which has made Anju Sasi in a desperate situation.

Surabhi Lakshmi explainted that Anju Sasi is in such an emotional stage that she even tried to end her life. Surabhi has requested everyone not to share any such videos because it is not of serial actress Anju Sasi.

On 29 July 2017, Malayalam actress Anju Sasi filed a complaint against people who shared a fake Whatsapp video of her. Photos of Anju Sasi from serial M80 Moosa was used with other fake photos claiming that it was Anju Sasi’s leaked video clip.

M80 moosa actress Anju leaked

Based on this incident, M80 Moosa actress Anju Sasi filed a complaint to Kozhikode District Police officer directly.

M80 Moosa actress Anju Sasi

Rasiya Fame actress Anju Sasi

Official Facebook profile page of actress Anju sasi is https://www.facebook.com/anju.sasi.731

Recently another actor in M80 serial in Media One channel got arrested. It was actor Athul Sreeva who was doing role of Rizwan who got arrested for attacking other students in his college.

Athul Seeva was running a gang and used to threatenmn others and collected money from them., When a student did not give money he attacked him. Based on this complaint, Police arrested Riswan fame actor Athul Sreeva.