M80 Moosa actor arrested news Rizwan fame actor Athul Sreeva arrest

Most unbelievable news that everyone heard recently was regarding M80 Moosa actor arrested news that happened on July 2017. All people of Kerala were looking for information about Who is Malayalam actor from M80 Moosa serial who was arrested.

Athul Sreeva is a popular actor in Kerala, who became popular through Malayalam comedy oriented TV serial M80 Moosa. This serial was telecast in Media One channel which had lot of audience. Within short time all actors, actress doing various characters in M80 Moosa serial also became famous. Present Natioanl Award winning actress Surabhi Lekshmi also started her career through M80 Moosa serial which made her popular.

Actor Athul Sreeva was also getting lot of chances to do supporting roles in malayalam films. All popularity for Rizwan fame Athul Sreeva came after he acted in this Malayalam television serial.Athul Sreeva acted in a small role in Malayalam movie ‘Munthirivallikal Thalirkkumbol’. In this movie Athul had a combination role with Mohanlal which was considered to be his best one.

In a situation when Athul Sreeva was gettinh many chances in Movies, TV serials he should not have got involved in any criminal cases.

Surprising everyone it was Rizwan Moosa fame actor Athul Sreeva who got arrested by Kasaba police.He is charges with attack and assault cases by Police.

Riswan actor Athul Sreeva says he is Innocent

Actor Athul Sreeva made a Facebook post claiming that he is not guilty in this case and he was trapped by police.

Rizwan fame M80 Moosa actor arrested news

This incident that led to arrest of Athul Sreeva took place at Kozhikode Guruvayurappan College. Athul Sreeva was studying in this college and was involved in a goonda gang named Kurukshethra.

M80 Moosa actor arrested

Gang members of Kurukshethra used to collect money from other students by threatening to attack them. There are many complaints at Kasaba Police station in name of Athul Sreeva in similar cases.

Athul Sreeva M80 Moosa actor arrested on 23-7-2017 at Kozhikode. Most police cases against Athul Sreeva was in connection to his activities with gang Kurukshethra.

Actor Athul Sreeva is doing 3rd year Degree in Guruvayoorappan college in Kozhikode.