Lissy Priyadarshan Yoga Practise – Lissy After Divorce Photos

Malayalam actress Lissy Priyadarshan’s After Divorce Photos has been always taken by people of Kerala with great support. Usually actresses who divorce disappear from media, due to fear of what to talk to others. But Lissy has been extremely different from all of them.

Lissy Priyadarshan Yoga Kalari photos show how much Positive attitude, she is having towards her life. Lissy Priyadarshan was born on 3rd February 1967 (birthday). As on 2015 actress Lissy Priyadarshan is aged 48 years. At this older age she is looking so young and attractive. It is because of the physical fitness she is maintaining. Before divorce she was slim and did not have any plus size like most of Malayalam actress at their older ages. After divorce she was depressed and she found out way to recover herself from it.

Soon after she started doing Kalari. Photos of actress Lissy Priyadarshan doing Kalari was posted by her in Facebook. Later after months she started doing Yoga to rejuvenate herself. Lissy Priyadarshan Filmography and Profile is updated here. Lissi was also known as Lakshmi and she acted in lot of malayalam movies and did roles in tamil and telugu movies also. The career of Lizzy Priyadarshan started through a tamil movie called ‘Vikram’ as heroine of Kamal Hassan. The pictures of actress Lissy Priyadarshan doing Yoga was also updated by her in Official FB Page. Kerala actress Lissy Priyadarshan’s performance and how she bends her body is seen with surprise by everyone. She is now 48, that is what makes everyone open their mouth wide , on seeing how cool she is in performing Yoga.

After Divorce Kalarai and Yoga Photos of actress Lissy Priyadarshan  has become hot news in social media. Later she started in Mollywood through the cinema Ithiri Neram Othiri Karyam.

She has done lot of roles in malayaalm movies like Prashnam Gurutharam, Kaliyil Alpam Karyam, Odaruthammava Aalariyam, Onnanam Kunnil Oradikkunnil,Mutharamkunnu P.O, Kathodu Kathoram, Katturumbinum Kathukuthu ,Manu Uncle, Kuttettan.

Lissy Priyadarshan Yoga Kalari Practise Pictures

Lissy Priyadarshan Yoga 

The last Malayalam cinema of actress Lissy was Chanakya Soothrangal which was released in the year 1994.

Lissy and Director Priyadarshan got married on 13-12-1990 and they filed for divorce on 1-12-2014 after 24 years of marriage life.

Official Facebook profile of Lissy –

Autograph (Signature) of Lissy on Onam Greetings 2015

Lissy Priyadarshan Kalari Stills

The Kalaripayattu (Kalari) was done by Lissy Priyadarshan from at the Aadhishakthi Kalari held at Pondicherry.

The actual name of Lissy is Lakshmi and you can see it in autograph which she gave through FB on Onam 2015 message for all her well wishers and fans.