Lena divorce news reason actress lena abhilash second marriage or not

Malayalam actress Lena Abhilash is one of the best artistes in Malayalam film industry. Most people are amazed to know that actress Lena divorce has happened. As an actress Lena is doing all kinds of character roles even if it is supporting or mother roles without any complaint. This helped Lena Abhilash in getting lot of good roles in Malayalam movies. What is actress Lena divorce reason from her living together partner.

What are reasons of Mollywood celebrity Lena divorce from her husband Abhilash. Lena and Abhilash had a love marriage. They were childhood friends from age of 12 years and this friendship continued till they grew up. Actress Lena had a love marriage on 16th January 2004. Lena divorce happened few years after their marriage because both of them was not able to adjust to each other.

Lena and Abhilash were living together and when they found that there are lot of problems between them they decided to get separated. Many people are asking about any second marriage news of actress Lena. Abhilash Kumar ex-lover of actress Lena is script writer of Malayalam cinema 22 Female Kottayam. Lena has done lot of Malayalam movies and recent film of her is Ramaleela in which she did a negative role which was also done by her with great perfection.

Role of actress Lena in Malayalam movie Ennu Ninte Moideen as Pathumma wife of Saikumar and mother of Prithviraj showed that she will do an type of roles. Lena’s performance in movie Ennu Ninte Moideen won her many awards and appreciations. Bollywood entry of actress Lena through Hindi movie ‘Airlift’ and her acting with Akshaya Kumar are one of her best milestones in acting career.

Actress Lena divorce reason

All people of Kerala are eager to know what had happened in life of Leba Abhilash which led to divorce her husband Abhilash. Actress Lena is not interested in revealing her personal issues and just said that they had difficulties in adjusting to each other.

Another thing that Lena says to everyone is that she will not get married again. Lena says that she will ever have a second marriage in her life.

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lena divorce reason 

First Malayalam cinema of actress Lena is Sneham and her became noticed through roles in films like Vellimoonga, Bachelor Party, Iyobinte Pustakam, Vikramadithyan, Varna Kazhchakal, Traffic, Ee Adutha Kaalathu. Lena was also a popular figure in malayalam Television serials. She aced in Thulabharam, Malayogam, Omanathinkalpakshi, Chilluvilakku .etc.