Suresh Gopi back as Anakkattil Chackkochi in Lelam Movie Second Part

Malayalam Super Star Suresh Gopi’s greatest performance in Mollywood is Lelam from Director Joshiy. Script for Lelam 1 is by Renji Panicker. Second Part part of this film Lelam 2 is upcoming for release soon as shooting begins. Lelam 2 Malayalam movie will be directed by Nithin Renji Panicker who is son of Renji Panicker.

For the second part Renji Panicker will be doing script and giving Nithin Renji Panicker chance to be Director. Earlier movie of Nithin Renji is Kasaba in which actor is Mammootty. Lelam 2 will have Suresh Gopi as hero in role of character Anakkattil Chackochi. Shooting location of this film, other interesting facts regarding cast.etc. will be known soon , when camera starts rolling. Release date of Lelam 2 Malayalam movie is not fixed. It’s expected to be sometime in 2017.

Lelam 1 got released in year 1997 which had action scenes of Suresh Gopi, mass dialogues penned by Renji Panicker. In Lelam 2 Malayalam movie, script is from Renji Panicker which will give audience stunning dialogues. Director Nithin Renji Panicker will be directing Lelam 2 of Suresh Gopi as “Anakkattil Chackochi”. Who are actresses of Lelam 2. Will actress Nandini who did role of  Gowri Parvathi as lover of Chackochi, come again in Lelam 2. Details regarding cast of Lelam 2 is not revealed. When Second part of Lelam comes up there will be a great character which everyone will miss. It is none other than MG Soman who did role of Anakattil Eappachan, father of Chackochi (Suresh Gopi). Fans of Lelam movie are superb action film like first part. There will be great responsibility on hands of Renji Panicker – Suresh Gopi – Nithin Renji Panicker team to deliver a Blockbuster Lelam 2.

Many popular actors in ‘Lelam 1’ are MG Soman, Kochin Haneefa, NF Varghese who passed. Will there be interesting characters in Lelam 2 Malayalam movie or will it be a flop.

In Mollywood most films first part were Blockbusters. When a second part or sequel to it gets released after years, it is not able to win in theaters. It’s same case for many Malayalam movies which fail to create buzz like first parts.

Lelam 2 Malayalam Movie Cast, Review

Suresh Gopi’s Lelam 2 is coming up from Director Nithin Renji Panicker of Kasaba movie fame. Story, Script is from Renji Panicker who earlier made lot of Super hit films in Mollywood.

Lelam 2 first look poster

Lelam 2 Malayalam Movie

Kerala audience is expecting an action packed, stunning dialogues filled movie from Suresh Gopi.

Lelam 2 Cast – Actors, Actress

Suresh Gopi – Aanakattil Chackochi

Other cast in Lelam 2 is not knownn.

Lelam 2 Review

Rating of this film will be available only after it’s release. Important details like shooting location, news .etc regarding Lelam 2 will be updated.

Lelam 2 First look Poster

First looks of Malayalam actor Suresh Gopi in Lelam 2 film is expected to be released soon.

Official Facebook page of Lelam 2 is waiting to be released.

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Lelam 2 Trailer, Teaser, Songs

Malayalam Song Uruki Uruki from Lelam 1 is an evergreen song.

Lelam 2 Release Date

Release date of Malayalam cinema Lelam 2 is in 2017.

Lelam 1 got released in 1997, after 20 years second part of Lelam is awaited with great expectations. It shows how much powerful first part of Lelam is in minds of audience.