Kerala actor Lalu Alex Son Marriage, Engagement reception Ben Lalu Alex with Meenu

Malayalam popular film actor Lalu Alex son wedding was held as a register marriage surprising everyone. Why was it done like that was questioned by audience of Malayalam cinema. That is just their personal opinion and if said in Lalu Alex’s own dialogue “It is Personal” (Personalayittu Parayuva). Any way an engagement and marriage function will be held in church along with a grand wedding reception. So what is wedding, engagement date of Lalu Alex’s son Ben Lalu Alex.

An engagement function will be held for Lalu Alex’s son on 2nd February 2017 (2-2-17). Kerala actor Lalu Alex son wedding date is on 6 February 2017 (6-2-2017). A grand reception will be held for both these events. Many film actors, actress in Malayalam film industry, Producers, Directors, close friends, relatives .etc. will attend this function. Lalu Alex son wedding is with Meenu Cyril. Ben Lalu Alex is working at Dubai, while his wife Meenu Cyrl is doing higher studies at Bristol in Health Professions (MEHP). Register marriage of Lalu Alex’s son Ben Lalu with Meenu Cyril was attended only by close friends, relatives. All photos of this function has become viral in social media soon after the register marriage on 25 February 2017 (25-2-17).

Wedding reception of Ben Lalu will be attended by popular Kerala celebrities who are close friend of his father Lalu Alex. Is this a love arranged marriage for Ben Lalu and Meenu Cyril. There are chances for that, which may be revealed soon. Or they may have done a register marriage earlier to get certificate for some official purposes. Both of them are abroad and this may be for such a thing. Ben Lalu Alex will get engaged with Meenu Cyril on 2-2-2017 at a private resort in Kumarakom. Wedding function of Ben Alex – Meenu Cyril is on 6-2-2017 at Piravom Holy Kings Church.

Ben Lalu Alex has tried his luck in acting in movies by doing a role in malayalam film Orkut oru Ormakoottu. After that he did not act in movies and is working in Dubai.

Lalu Alex has a big family with 3 children among whom 2 are sons and a daughter. Lalu Alex’s wife is Betty Lalu and they have two sons named Ben, Ciya and a daughter named Siya.

Lalu Alex Son Wedding Album Stills

Register marriage of Lalu Alex’s son Ben Lalu was held on Wednesday, 25 February 2017. Photos of Ben Lalu with wife Meenu Cyril and close relatives, friends, parents is updated. Traditional Kananaya style christhian wedding was held on Monday, 6 February 2017 (6-2-2017) at church in Piravaom.

Lalu Alex Son Wedding

Many celebrities attending this wedding of Lalu Alex’s son. Now engagement function will be held on 2-2-17 at Mumarakom and traditional Christiana marriage function at Holy Kings Church in Piravom. Photos of these events will be updated soon.

Malayalam actor Lalu Alex is one of the popular stars in Mollywood. He started his career through movie Ee Gaanam Marakkumo which was released in 1978. Later he did roles of villains and was cast i negative roles in most malayalam films.

After many years he started getting roles of innocent father or character in various films which changed his career. Lalu Alex shined in roles of Police officers and did small villain roles in many movies recently