KSEB Pay Fixation Software for Kerala Vydyuthi Board 2016

Pay fixation software that is necessary for Kerala State Electricity Board employees after the pay revision order was passed on 17-2-16 (17 February 2016) by the Vydyuthi Board. So to make the calculations of pay fixation after revised scales came into effect KSEB pay fixation software download has become popular among KSEB Staff.

It is possible to make manual calculations of pay fixation, but to avoid any unnecessary mistakes and as calculations of pay fixations is difficult for most people, they want a worry free mobile app or software that can make the pay fixation calculation very easy. The Vydyuthi Board pay fixation software that is available at present is a mobile app and is not an excel software calculator. These are developed by people as a voluntary service and if some developers think of preparing a excel software for inputting and calculating pay fixations of Kerala State Electricity Board we will update them. There are lot of online calculators, apps, software’s for Kerala Govt employees as per 10th Pay revision Commission report.

It cannot be used for calculating the pay fixation of KSEB because it is a Board and entirely different from the Kerala Govt employees scales and allowances. There are lot of unions and parties in Kerala State Electricity Board at different districts of Kerala. Presently most of the demands made by KSEB / Vydyuthi Bhavan staff has been met. As KSEB is a Govt owned company and under a Board, a separate pay commission was constituted for collecting the details of employees pay scales. Based on various demands and analyzing it the Pay commission recommended many revised pay scales and from 2016 the KSEB staff will get the new salary scales. But the arrears of salary will be merged to Provdent fun of te employees. This was not accepted by many staff , who were disappointed that the could nbot get the salary arrears as cash like the other Kerala Government staff.

Salary scales revision of Kerala Vydyuthi Board has been sanctioned by passing the order on 17-2-16 (17 February 2016). The Kerala State Electricity Board employees have been demanding revised pay scales for past few months.

Arrears of Dearness Allowances and Medical Allowances will be given, but other allowances that have been increased other than these will be given only with effect from 1 April 2016 (1-4-16).

At last KSEB Pay Revision order dated 17/2/2016 was signed by KSEB Board members and Staff Union  representatives in the presence of Kerala Minister for Power (Electricity) Shri. Aryadan Muhammed.

KSEB Pay Fixation Software download

Contract for pay revision order 2016 as per revised scales was signed at Vydyuthi Bhavan Head Office at Thiruvananthapuram.

Members of Vydyuthi Board who signed the order are Chairman – M Sivasankar, Directors – NS Pillai, CV Nandan, B Neena , O Ashokan, P Vijayakumar and Secretary R Rajasekharan Nair.

Trade Union members who signed the Pay revision order 2016 of KSEB (Vydyuthi Board) are K.O Habeeb, V Lakshmanan (CITU), KP Dhanapalan, Sibikutty Francis (INTUC), A.N Rajan, M.P Gopakumar (AITUC).

Revised Salary Scales as per KSEB Pay Revision 2016

The salary scales of employees under Vydyuthi Board will be revised with effect from 1 August 2008 (1-8-2008). The arrears of salary in previous years will be paid later. KSEB employees will get the new salary from 1 April 2016.

Minimum Salary of KSEB staff under Vydyuthi Board will be Rs.17000

Minimum Salary scale of Kerala State Electricity Board employees will be Rs. 59305

After the revised scales for Kerala State Electricity Board has been sanctioned the fixation of pay calculations has become necessary and for that software’s are essential.

Master Scale of Vydyuhi Board Kerala State Electricity Board  : 17000-59305 (32 years) Increment – 500, 580, 760, 905, 1115, 1365, 1605, 1745, 2085 (32 years)

The present pay revision will be effective for 5 years and the next pay revision order for Vydyuthi Board will be in the year 2021.

Kerala State Electricity Board Salaries revision has been applauded by all employees unions. The latest Master Scale of KSEB Vydyuthi Board employees will be released. Pay fixation 2016 can be done by employees using latest software’s for KSEB staff to calculate the fixation of pay.

Old or existing Master Scale is 4990 – 130/1 – 5120 – 160/2 – 5440- 215/2 – 5870 -280/2 – 6430 – 335/3 – 7435 – 415/2 – 8265 – 510/5- 10815 -600/6 – 14415 – 650/6 -18315

Stipend to Apprentices Graduate, Technician, Technician (Vocational) in KSEB has also been increased with effect from 9-2-2016.

Kerala Vydyuthi Board’s KSEB Pay Fixation Software Download can be done from the mobile app developed by an user named Eldo K Mathew on 16 February 2016.

Thanks and Courtesy Credits to Eldo K Mathew for developing the mobile app for KSEB Pay Fixation and it can be downloaded at at http://www.1mobile.com/kseb-pay-fixation-2016-3209182.html

The latest minimum and maximum salary scales of Kerala Electricity Board staff has been increased and from now on the minimum salary is Rs.17000 and maximum salary is Rs. 59305.

The pay revision order of Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB) came into effect from Wednesday, 17 February 2016 and the new salary scales will be paid only from 1 April 2016.

KSEB Pay Fixation Software

KSEB Revised Pay Scales 2016 Kerala State Electricity Board

Kerala State Electricity Board employees salary scales have been revised and hiked after a long time. The hike in salary scales of KSEB staff has been impressive. KSEB Revised Pay Scales 2016 is with validity from periods August 2013 to 31 July 2018. The minimum salary of KSEB Vydyuthi Board staff has been increased to RS.17000 which was hiked from present scale of Rs.8200.

The present pay revision of salary increase has been supported and wecomed by all trade unions of Vydyuthi Bhavan. All employees are at present happy with the pay revisions that came into effect in KSEB after years of struggle and strikes.

As per Pay revision that was approved and agreed into contract by Trade Unions and Board of Director of Vydyuthi Board a contract was signed by representatives of both groups at Vydyuthi Bhavan in trivandrum on Wednesday, 17 February 2016.

Based on this now the highest salary in KSEB / Vydyuthi Board will be Rs.59305 while the old existing scale was just  Rs.27580. The present hike in salary scales will be for 5 years and after that there will be hike as per the conditions. Presently the wages revision of Kerala State Electricity Board employees as done by merging 84.25 percentage Dearness Allowance with existing pay scales.

This is the first Pay Revision that was made in Vydyuthi Board (KSEB) which is presently functioning as a Government owned company.

Salary arrears from August 2013 to December 2015 will be merged in Employees Provident Fund, while in 10th Pay Commission the Kerala Govt employees will be getting the arrears as cash. So KSEB Staff will not be getting arrears as cash and it will be merged in PF.

All salary arrears from January 2016 will be given with new salaries from April 2016.

KSEB Master Scale 2016

Validity of the below Master scale is for 32 years.

Fitment Benefits of KSEB Kerala State Electricity Board

  • Fitment Benefits for KSEB is 12 %

Other Deails

  • LTC Allowance approved
  • Uniform Allowance increased to Rs. 3000