Kochi Metro Ticket Rates Timings Routes Stations Stops One Smart Card

Kochi Metro Rail project will be inaugurated and made available for public transportation in 2016. The coaches as part of the Kochi Metro has arrived at the locations. Kochi Metro Ticket Rates, Timings, Routes, Stops .etc. have been published. Test runs has been completed and now it’s waiting for inauguration date on 17th June 2017. Seating capacity for a metro train is 140 travelers and total numbers of passengers who can travel in it including standing is 975 travelers.

Now the test drive and inspection procedures will be conducted in January, February 2016 for making sure that all safety measures have been taken and this can be commissioned for public usage. Ernakulam city is the most affected place in Kerala with traffic problems and traveling inside Kochi used to take hours. With arrival of Kochi Metro Rail there will be definitely lot of changes in Kochi. With the successful Metro projects that we know like Dubai Metro, Delhi Metro.etc. the arrival of Metro transportation will surely change the face of Kochi.

Public transportation system Kochi Metro Rail Timings is one of the most wanted things after this project was launched and there will be official mobile app to know the details. The Timings, Routes, Maps, Ticket Fares and detailed Time Table of Kochi Metro is required for all passengers who wish to travel in Kochi Metro. Once the Kochi Metro is started the details of ticket fares for traveling to different routes, stations will be known to public.

Indian Prime Mister Narendra Modi will inaugurate Kochi Metro service on Saturday, 17th June 2017 (17-06-2017). In first phase of Kochi metro only 13 km of travel from Palarivattom to Aluva is possible to travel at present. In second phase remaining 12 km will be completed in the total 25 km Kochi metro route.

Inauguration of Kochi Metro rail will be done by Indian Prime Minister Modi, Kerala Governor P Sathasivam, Information and Broadcasting Minister M Venkaiah Naidu, Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan. There had been many controversies because real Metro man E Sreedharan was not invited or given a seat in inauguration stage for Kochi Metro.

How To Travel in Kochi Metro

Traveling in Metro Rail is fast, easy, convenient. There are lot of tips we have to keep in mind regarding Kochi Metro access, so we can make travel hassle free.

Kochi One Smart Prepaid Cards are mainly used for easy travel in Kochi Metro. Those who do not have cards can purchase tickets from Metro counters. On entering Metro stations you will have to reach Concourse level through which entry to platforms is available. Entry to platform is possible by means of , Lift, Escalator, Steps (Stairs).

You will reach Automatic Fare Collection Gate (OFC Gate) where you have to show your Kochi One smart cards of tickets to get entry into platform. RFID code in ticket or card is to be placed towards sensor for gate to open to platform. Each passenger has to use separate tickets for making entry into platform. Every one should ensure that they have tickets with them till they get out from metro station as it is required for exit from metro station too.

If you forgot to exit at a metro station till you have given fare and you are exiting at next station you will have to pay extra fare. Only after you have given balance payment, you will be able to exit from platform. Shopping is also possible using Kochi One Smart card.

If a passenger wants to exit from a metro station without traveling, he or she should exit within 20 minutes of entry. A passenger should exit a metro station within 90 minutes of entry from origin station. In both circumstances a fine will be charged, if exit is not made within allowed time. This measure is done to prevent rush at metro stations and avoid people gathering inside without any need.

Kochi Metro Ticket Rates, Timings

Kochi Metro Fare chart

Ticket fares as per first phase of Kochi metro travel is updated in below chart.

Minimum ticket fare is Rs. 40 and maximum ticket rate from Aluva to Palarivattom is Rs.60.

RFID card / RPT Ticket / Day pass is available in Kochi metro ticket fare which offers unlimited travel in a single day. Axis bank also gives smart cards which can be used for shopping and travel.

Kochi One Smart Cards

There will be demand for Kochi One Smart Cards (Kochi Metro Cards) through which traveling can be made easy by recharging cards as ticket fares. Fare collection will be done through automatic smart cards known as Kochi One Smart Cards or computer generated tickets given from ticket counters in Metro stations.

Cost / Price of Kochi One smart cards is Rs.150. This smart metro card is issued by KMRL along with Axis bank tie up. Kochi 1 smart cards can be purchased from Ticket office Machine (TOM) by giving details along with phone number. You will receive an OTP in mobile. After giving this number to Ticket counter, you will get Kochi 1 smart card. You can recharge this card and use it as per your travel requirements.

There will be 2 bar codes in each One smart card. One bar code will be for metro ticket and second one will be for debit card.

Kochi Metro Ticket Rates

Kochi Metro Ticket Fares to Various Stations, Stops

Minimum Rate of Kochi Metro Ticket fares is Rs.10.

Kochi Metro Ticket Fares for different stops are as follows.

  • Aluva to Pulinchodu Rs.10
  • Aluva to Companypady Rs.10
  • Aluva to Ambattukavu Rs.20
  • Aluva to Muttom Rs.20
  • Aluva to Kalamassery Rs.30
  • Aluva to Cochin University Rs.30
  • Aluva to Pathadipalam Rs.30
  • Aluva to Edapally Rs.40
  • Aluva to Changampuzha Park Rs.40
  • Aluva to Palarivattom Rs.40

Kochi Metro Train Stops – Stations

Kochi Metro Train will have around 22 Stops in Ernakulam for arrival, departure of passengers which are as follows.

In first phase Kochi Metro train will only travel from Aluva to Palarivattom and Palarivattom to Aluva (Alwaye). Only when second phase is completed Metro trains will travel from JLN Stadium, Kaloor to Petta station and Petta to Aluva. Kochi metro travel will be mostly used by people for traveling to Lulu Mall in Edapally as it’s most convenient to reach this location than auto or bus.

Kochi Metro train stops in first phase are at Aluva, PulinchoduCompanypady, Ambattukavu, Muttom, Kalamassery, Cochin University, Pathadipalam, Edapally, Changampuzha Park, Palarivattom.

In second phase metro stops will be from JLN Stadium, Kaloor, Lissie, M.G Road, Maharaja’s College, Ernakulam south, Kadavanthra, Ernakulam, Vytila, Thaikoodam, Petta.

Google Map of Kochi Metro Routes

The highest usage of Metro Rail in Kochi will be for traveling to and fro to Palarivattom, Kalamaserry, Erankulam North, South destinations.

Official website of Kochi Metro Limited www.kochimetro.org

Kochi Metro Rail will be running through many stations from where there will be arrival, departure of Metro coaches. With publishing of Kochi metro ticket fares which are cheaper and faster than any other transportation in a busy traffic city like Ernakulam, there are lot of people waiting to use it. Calling auto rickshaws for ride in Kochi is very difficult as they charge huge amounts and ride without putting meters.

Auto rickshaw drivers in Ernakulam try to loot people by riding through different routes and long distances to reach a place without going in correct way. With coming of online taxi services like Uber and now Kochi Metro, they will study a good lesson.